The best of 2018 (personal valuation)


Umm… literally Trolls broke into top 3


That’s 4 clans lmao


I seem to be the best model for u… makes u so creative lol


I miss Mr-1to2-using kits all the time, blaming others for using them :exclamation:

Good “old” times :exclamation:





I just mentioned some facts, and yes, I won most Single tournaments of ALL players in 2018, and no, I do not need to apologize for :exclamation:

Magnus Carlsen at the press conference during the chess World Championship 2018 being asked about his role-models in chess / “best player he looks up to” :

“Myself a few years back”


After he won his 4th chess World Champion title :exclamation:

And about the video, I am more like this …



Nothing wrong in loving yourself , its an art which i dont possess :smiley:
So just jealous


Comparing a flash game and some pixels medals with

Ok then, everyone has his own point of view

Just your clan mates said your name at that category(how sad…),sooo you decided to make a move, not bad, not bad at all (that s just a point of view)

Soo he is the best at being himself(for sure)
Nailed it


It s a difference between loving yourself and narcissism

(who am i to judge, nothing bad in loving yourself)


2018 Most positive and least toxic players (that I’ve talked to) in arena:



I like faces more than asses. The body of woman (magical body of woman, capable of engendering life), it´s not a big ass without a face. Is a degradation of women.

But well … maybe there are women who see themselves that way. Sorry, but real. There are women who seem more macho than some men. For what makes me doubt their gender.


On the “best player” category, I have not only taken into account the medals won. The medal can be just an accident on this game. I think it´s important the effort, perseverance, being constant throughout the year (and not only during certain periods.) That’s why I chose Urbu.

Also the spirit of competition, knowing how to win and lose and respect for the opponent. The adversary is not an enemy, the adversary is a competitor, who loses or wins deserves all our respect in the battle and outside of it.

3 things to be the best player of the year:

  • victories
  • perseverance and effort
  • respect for the opponent


Based on facts the best players of a year, are the players who won most in this year :exclamation:

Sure not the players who lost more :exclamation:

However you try to see it / call it or anything else …

These 4 players won most of all players in 2018 …
(a fact)

LastOfTheWilds (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Lord Gorgon (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Canopy (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
bestplayeroftheworld (8 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)

Feel free to have an other opinion, but it will not change these facts :exclamation:


They all deserve our respect :exclamation:


:palm_tree: :heart: :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile: :heart: :palm_tree:

Misfit shook off whatever his problem was and reclaimed my favorite forum poster title. I am sure after reading this he will celebrate vigorously .


Not too vigorously huh @Misfit


You might be a little bit outdated (you might not watch youtube) but i’m going to put my two cents here. This is definitely consistent I have been uploading daily for 3 years. (2017-2019 Years of SM INCLUDED)

Not only do we(Youtubers) play the game everyday but we have to spend extra time (hours) into editing and uploading videos for others to watch. (responding to comments) This is what I guess you can say “success” looks like :slight_smile: This is for everyone and not just you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Some Youtubers that I know of Yas, Killin Sm, Thewolfpreys, madao san, KiG Blinc/Encore, Chinaski, Winzkay, L4K3, bestplayeoftheworld, Bruce wayne sm, Laszeski etc most of these people stop uploading sad to see them go…


wot you make youtube vids about sm what are most of them about in sm?


This topic is about the best on the game… no the best out of game…


Thank you very much @Wepwawet, I feel honored you making a whole thread only for me …




You are missing me!
I also would like to upload the video but i am sad to see that 2v2 that lucky battle so i would not post my any video again!
You know that my channel each of video can get over 90% like my video so that I can qualified to say my video is high quality