The best of 2018 (personal valuation)


I cant select only one them. That is…


Ok the whole stroy…

Since day one that I get control of HTK. Girly (reiko) and Best have my password.

But only I play and use my account on here. Nobody else :slight_smile:


BESTCLAN: Reign Reforged - They have almost always been at 1st place with none of the other clans coming near to overtaking them in most seasons

Special mention: Trolls Fast - They made strides in breaking into the top 3 and even pushing for 2nd with the appropriate conditions.

BEST PLAYER: CANOPY is by far, the best player of 2018. 80% of the time seen in 1st place…practically made that his home lmao

Special Mention: @LordGorgon and @Ricemech88 - LordGorgon also has the incredibilty to be best player and has shown us that with many 1st place wins. Ricemech88 is a wonderful player with no toxicity and hate and just uses wits and strategic builds to fight for tops

BEST BUILDER: @URBU and @Ricemech88 - URBU always changes his build with the most strangest combinations like 2 bunkers and 2 heat bombs… and still manages to stay in top ranks. Ricemech88 has the best thought-out builds with little weaknesses and a third interchangable mech that surprises players anytime.

Special Mention: @Pleasurebot3000 and @NT_MK3 - These two players are always mixing and matching items to find good and fun ways for builds. They are underrated and will be a force to be reckoned with

BEST LEADER: @Mechzilla and @Miron_Mironovich - Miron, doing the good work he does, has managed to bring in a new A-Team to push through to the tops. He’s worked hard for it and now it’s paying off. Mechzilla, despite being accidentally chosen, has done a fantastic job at maintaining the Reign supremacy with great outcomes.

Special Mention: @Trafalgar - His new start-up clan Ghost Division quickly became a top 10 clan and even managed to hit top 6.

And a BEST of luck to @Wepwawet who’s worked hard and diligently in game and on forums to keep a peaceful state of mind and bring great points to the discussion table.

BEST of luck in 2019


Uhh, sure…

Best player I know (have actually seen in game): Pleasurebot3000
Best clan I have been I know: Original BTB

That’s it, really.


I saw your acc with austrian flag…


Correct :slight_smile:


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I never spam you…if it come from my account…was somebody else.


I know troy… atm you and me share the same hurt. My dady passed away on December 25…


Thank you @Wepwawet, @Winz_Kay and @Shabbadoo52 ! We do appreciate the friendship and compliments~

Leader: I think @Miron_Mironovich deserves credit for not giving up and bringing Trolls Fast to top 3 ! Has not happened consistently since R.O.G.U.E. or SHIRO.
Honorable mention: @Marija for leading her clan back to prominence from the ashes, consistent top 6 now !:tada:

Clan: Reign Forever and Reign Reforged. :heart:

Individual: @CANOPY for being #1 many months. Honorable mention: @lordgorgon

Most Improved Player: @magicmech20

Best Builder: @Urbu is Urbu. #1 :trophy:

Best recruiter: @Alex_Iron aka The Viper


We know when it’s you … The “real” you ! :wink::grin:


Thank you mechzilla :wink:


@Powtaito I think I created the best not made for SM forum memes this year :slight_smile: and last year too .


@Winz_Kay @Mechzilla @Trafalgar @lordgorgon

Thank you for mentioning me. But I’m just a player with access to the button * kick * - the basis of success - all the players of our clan who believe in the future and showed loyalty … for me, these 23 guys are the best in the past year … please do not offend other OP players .



Some help about math …

52 weeks / 1 year / 100%

(so 1 Single tournament win / Single Gold Medal match 1.923 % … about 52 possible wins)

13.46% LastOfTheWilds
13.46% Lord Gorgon
13.46% Canopy
15.38% bestplayeroftheworld

Together these 4 players won 55.77% in 2018 :exclamation:



I think reign reforged made more clan golds in 2018 than htk.


I think HardToKill, but yes it is pretty close :exclamation:

LLyl won 2017 most of their Gold Medals (until SuperMechs reloaded), after Reign Reforged won some and HardToKill also (short time after reloaded), then a time came where HardToKill won in serie a lot, and now Reign again in serie :exclamation:

Maybe I will find a screenshot with date, so we could figure out :exclamation:

Under the line both won a lot in 2018 :exclamation:


All time at the moment …
(Gold / Silver / Bronze)

Littlelost your lost

81 / 31 / 92


67 / 85 / 36

Reign Reforged

38 / 36 / 15

Trolls fast

0 / 2 / 6


and I have to agree they are the best ranked 1 and up top 1 the best was the hardtokill of the most cla and hope that 2019 and 2020 I will be in rank 1 and even my cla in reality everyone is going this day plus they are the best in my opinion is the best


Honestly, when will the top 3 clans change? It’s always Reign, or LLYL, or HTK, or Trolls Fast, or some random ghost clan. We need a new competitor.


It’s difficult to make it into top 3, try yourself