The best of 2018 (personal valuation)


I like precision.
Nothing to comment on the content its your pov, very fine with it and with the fact that you can express it freely.


I am glad that despite our differences, we have coincided in some names.


I also wanted to start such a thread!
Great positive idea!

And thanks for the tap on the back!

@Trafalgar also never gives up and always has good builds!

I cannot not mention @lordgorgon which is probably the best newcomer of 2018!
This guy has made it to legend in a short time and he doesn’t sit on his build… always trying to get better and not sit on his astonishing inventory!

@CANOPY has ruled the arena for some times now and he’s totally legit! I’d love to have his inventory ( bit envy here) but he’s a great strategist!

@Shabbadoo52 is a legend/mentor and an inspiration! Managed top 10 constantly without being in a top clan! A free that I respect so much!

Finally @El_Metre has always been a threat. Great builder, great player and a long time top player!

I don’t have the inventory to stay top 10 every weeks and the lucky matchups seem to curse me on Friday but I’m happy to fight each of these highly respected players everyday!


Even though, you do. Chapeau bas l’artiste.

Also, im just a noob with a nice inventory. Still rooting for you, se77en, happy, metre, algeriano, rico and Co. Like at my first connection.


I always respected you doing the fact that you base your wins on strategy and not on item supperiority bro xD


My SM timeline:

Started playing SM around the start of 2018.
Joined the forums after like 2 months I think?

Lost my account a month after that.

Made a new account and made a physical mech.
After 3 months, I got pretty far. Lost the account.

Worked on the account I had for 4 months. Got to rank 4, average rank 6.

Quit the game 1 month after that.
I get on from time to time.


I don’t know 90% of the people you guys mentioned.


New friends Rov and gorgon .

Fences mended BPOW

PLEASURE to fight with Reign and Trolls

Best Clan: Troll Masters

Best IGN in clan is a–clown out of clan is WPOTW That still makes me laugh

People I miss Gros bite and Nico Doc Aegis Nic Crash Lila and Scymus ( still see scymus and grosbite from time to time )

Players always special place Pow Cap Urbu Mr 1-2 kits and JR


Are you se77en in game?


No I am Mr OnePowSe77enTwo Taito


Say my name backwards three times and you are granted a wish


Now you’re just confusing me.


I am a troll. We are one . We are free . Make sense now ?




But that’s fine. Some things in life don’t make sense.


Check your pm sir . You have a late Christmas card .


ah I am better boss it’s is a pleasure :).
for better players
I can not give as answer…

so I choose legendary players ,
not easy to play for a long time high ranking

case there are many players victim purchase premium park
or since update


I m a mythical player then?
Ranks 25-20 are commons
Ranks 20-15 are rares
Ranks 15-10 are epics
Ranks 10-5 are legys
Ranks 5-1 are myths


I know. Pls. Can you do your own 2018 ranking list…? With players and clans u know.


Wouldn’t it be the other way around then?