The best of 2018 (personal valuation)

  • This is a personal ranking and of course partial, since I don´t know clans or players from ranks 4 to down. So I invite anyone who wants to make their own list.

BEST CLAN: REIGN - For demonstrating that through all the changes it still keeps “the spirit of Reign” intact.

BEST PLAYER: URBU THE GOD FATHER - Throughout 2018 he has been a creative player, who does not give up. He´s correct both on the game and on forums.

BEST BUILDER: LORD GORGON and EL METRE. I cannot choose either of the two, both are referents.

BEST LEADER: GROSBITE - Actually, he´s the only clan leader I know well and has some qualities that make him good as a leader: he´s quick to make difficult decisions (like finding new members), gives clan members full freedom how to play, doesn´t make alliances with other clans.

SPECIAL MENTION to ROVOLUTION, good player and better person. Build well, is relatively creative.


Thanks for the praise Wep. I know how you highly you put Metre, real fancy to put me in the same bag.

To me:
Most creative: Urbu
Best performer: Canopy
Best builder: se77en and Metre
Best performer/builder vs lighter inventory: Rovolution
Best Bestplayerintheworld: Bestplayerintheworld, because she needs her own category


Best Clan :


Won most tournaments / Clan Gold Medals in 2018

(playing with Heart / Brain and Honor)

Best Players :

LastOfTheWilds (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Lord Gorgon (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Canopy (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
bestplayeroftheworld (8 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)

And yes, winning most = best player, not the one who lost more :exclamation:


Best Builder :

LastoftheWilds (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Lord Gorgon (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
Canopy (7 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)
bestplayeroftheworld (8 tournament wins / Single Gold Medals)

Same as above, because to be able to win a Single tournament, your builds need to be great, otherwise you can’t win a tournament :exclamation:

plus (+) … @HappyPoppers

What he create with his inventory, is unbelieveable … the player for me, who win most with such a small inventory :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

Best Leader :


Always very honest, loyal, helpfull and funny :exclamation:
Best leader I ever met :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:


The numbers are just some facts :exclamation:



Excuse me but you seem to be a little biased toward your own clan, @lordgorgon and @Wepwawet both took unbiased perspectives on the matter and included players from other clans instead of simply being their own clan.


And now :question:

  • it is my opinion

  • this opinion is based on FACTS

… if you dont like it, thats your problem :exclamation:



Well, in fact besty is anything but biased. She took raw results as a base to support her point of view; whereas Wep and myself got a little emotional and added subjective parameters.


I suppose everyone does have their own opinion.


Also, i may add those categories Wep:

Best rookie: Joe
Best f2p: Miron and Azpald


Miron is free to play? That is quite surprising, I didn’t realize that.


Best events from Tacticsoft : None


To me it´s important to be constant. In other words, it isn´t just about medals won in a certain period or in a short period of time, but having demonstrated constancy to play throughout the year. Perseverance.

I consider Happy Poppers an excellent leader during the year 2017, when he alone achieved the titanic task of rebuilding his clan. Throughout 2018 his account and his leadership were shared, so I could not choose him.

I couldn´t choose Trolls Fast either, because if it´s true that it has made alliances with other clans (that has not been proven yet, but has not been denied either), that takes away shine from his performance.

Anyway, as I said, it’s my personal ranking and others may have another opinion or see something that I have not seen.


Add to Welcome Top the List. He is now out of the game. His account is piloted by a former Lyll player.


Absolutely agree with that.


trolls got snubbed wow


I would like very much if someone from the middle ranks made their own list. I’m curious to know who are the best players among the ranks from 7 to 20 and the best clans. I’m sure the best players of 2018 are on middle ranks …

Come on…


Got to post an objective way to see this
(since i can see here people kissing their clan leadders and clan mates(before starting to write a hate post, read until the end) and it s nothing bad in that, sure they deserve your respect and idk whatever, but i will also like to see that you can think out of the box, and post your opinion about other clan leaders or members here(or if you are working on the:“if you don t have anything good to say about somebody you better shut up” well that would be a bit rude, since i don t think that the only persons which deserve respect are in your clan(and if you think so, you wear horse glasses)

So one of the best clan leaders are :

@Miron_Mironovich for rising trolls and puting them where they deserve to be

@modemer which can rise a top 10 clan from nothing ( he is in my clan at the moment, but few months ago, we were in a competition for setting our clans in top 10) wish you all the best, old friend

@Marija also for setting her clan in top 10 in a relative short period of time, and for the way she manage to keep her clan mates loyal

@W.P.O.T.W the current leader of the power, one of the best clan leaders for the abbility to adapt so fast and to improve clan

@Taco_Gamer i can t forget one of my old friends, and the one which represented one of the biggest competitions for my old clan

Also killing machine for being brave enough to leave htk and start his own clan

And about the best players of this year:

@NT_MK3 a great value for this game, ready to help everyone, an great example of fair play and friendship,which never stop improving, and one of the best builders

@El_Metre a very good friend, which believed in me when nobody did, thank you bro, probably the best builder, which is always there with a good advice and a helpfull hand

@modemer he left everything just for being able to be with his friends xD hope to see you soon in top 30 bro

@Urbu for being a chalange, always immpresing with great and unexpecting builds

@Rovolution for being one of the best heat builders which never give s up, hope to see you in top 3 every week bro

ultralsick or lord xD another example of frindship and fair play which never stops to impress me

I could mention some other clan leaders but i don t have enough informations atm(mechzilla, happy)


Same point mate
Horse glasses

But, everyone is free to do whatever he want


By definition an opinion is subjective.


Ps: thanks Wep for that thread; wanted to make a similar one. Not needed now.


Copyright does not let me to use the word “fact”
I thought that people will pay more attention to general idea, but since that seems to bother you, i will fix it