The Balance Theory - Balance for Type

Good insights mate. Thanks.
From guts, not detailed analyse, i feel that elec and phys are balanced atm. Heat being really aside…


Well when you vector in the start range… things tends to shift.
But i feel that pound for pound(similar modules), phis realy shines above the others, specialy when premium modules and legs are used.

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I wont deny, my builds are performing very well in arena atm; the roundeds as well.
Surprisingly, i didnt see real OP elec line ups since claw showed up.
With my module set up and an elec weaponry, i think thatd be more efficient than my phys. Nagi’s elec is probably the best elec build atm, without even a plate. Give one claw to the ape or miron, then elec will scare me.

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They wont.
You miss out the fact that they need to pack atleast 5 energy modules, to actualy function, and they still need to have some heat… or… they are dead.
So their hp, will still be low… 2000ish hp… you melt them faster then butter.


I know mate, but what about Counters? 2300hp or more elec troll builds. Thatd be the scary stuff… how come i didnt see any of these on claw? Did you?

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All i am geting is heat items.

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But if someone over heats me or drains me they dont win but if someone kills me (drains my hp) they win so ur calculations being right dont make too much sense for heat u can heat someone but if they have good cooling they can still beat u. Same for energy but there is energy free weapons.

For phy your calculations are correct. For heat u could simulate a matchup between a perfect phy mech vs a perfect heat mech and factor in shutdowns to see who would win

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Also u are calculating how all 3 types go against each other so u should have heat weapons again the average heat of a phy or ele mech. Or a phy against the average hp of a heat and elec mech


That can go both ways:

If you take into account the cooldowns,heat is going to add extra turns for the other two.

If you take into account the fact that you won’t be able to use most of your weapons while drained,energy gives extra turns for the other two.


I find this research really cool but most of the weapons that you have listed aren’t frequently used because of their weakness. This is a really good starting point but if you are planning on continuing your research, I would recommend excluding some of the less frequently used weapons or assigning a point system. For example, if you come across 5 ash creators for every 2 ultrabrights you could assign a higher ratio, making it 5:2 and diving the ratings respectively. This would ensure a much more accurate and complete survey but overall I love the idea.


ye this feels like the first step to something

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Once I’m at home… I’ll try to do some more tests with additional factors

I was wondering for some time now… It’s possible to build

  • a physical mech that’s able to counter heat
  • a physical mech that’s able to counter energy
  • an energy mech that’s able to counter heat
  • a heat mech that’s able to counter energy

Is it possible to build a heat mech that counters physical builds? Even all-rounders?

Are you saying we should calculate how much damage heat and energy do to physical?

We can’t have a physical overheat someone or energy break them

for the heat mech zark, heat legs, 2-3 magma blasts, 2 deso’s or vandal rages. plates and heat mods could be pretty well rounded

While looking at El_Metre’s numbers (Phys 100% over heat), I was wondering if you can build a heat mech to counter (allround) physicals. If that was possible, El_Metre’s numbers aren’t plausible, since they imply that it isn’t possible.


Good Assessment
I agree with the overall conclusions, specifically that Physicals are the strongest, then Energies, and then Heats

The key issue is that Physicals do crazy damage to begin with, and significantly more than Energies or Heats

Now, Phys can mitigate their vulnerability by getting HP plates, as well as more cooling and regen modules, but plates being the easiest (4622 HP Max, that’s crazy!!)

Heats and Energies cannot mitigate their vunerabilities to Phys as easily (mainly damage). They have more Heat or Energy Cap requirements, and can’t have anywhere near the HP of Phys by just adding plates.

Their has to be a way for Heat or Energy to use their prime resource, to mitigate damage. That’s why Shields need to be re-introduced ASAP to restore balance.

As far as the imbalance between Energy and Heat, there are already hints that reducing the weight of some the heavier Heat weapons, will allow more modules to be used. That would be a very good start.

For energy, won’t the extra energy damage when drained be a valid point?

The other probleme to me seems that the relatively high heat cost of most heat weapons
so in this situation need to put on a lot of heat engine and cooling mass booster to be able to cope with heat damage from opponent over own weapon’s heat requirement. That takes to many slots imo. It would be good in addition to reduce the heat requirement of the heat weapons somewhat…

It is posible to counter all-rounder phis mechs, but not high heat phis builds.
To build a heat mech to counter phis, you willnneed specific items for that build.
Those are : atleast 1 claw, 2300hp+, 1 myth protector, rest heat modules, because like @PFAHLMANN said it very well, heat wepons cost huge amount of heat for the user.
Without myth protect(phis), and claw(claw can be replaced with a schorging, if you have 3 platplats), the hp of the heat build will be low, and the phis will outdamage you, even if you overheat him.
A energy counter to heat, is a lowish energy build, with high heat, known as a troll build, since it will lose to even a mid energy build, it can counter heat.
A phis build to counter energy is very easy, just strap on 4-5 energy modules on a non claw build, and rest hp plates. On a claw build, you will need 5-6 energy modules, because it lacks mobility.