The average noob on SM

Please dont make me sad i know it was my mistake talking to such a pro man but he looked op.



You have no idea lol, there’s this kid who logs in, and PMs me insults just because I outrank him :joy:

pathetic noobs

I can see the result of the premium box / pack sale in the last screenshot.
Right here:



Yeah bought 1 premium pack and 3 premium box all epic

I thought it is @Raditya_Wahyu_Yudhyt’s acc but he said it had stole?

what u mean?..

how do you get his acc, you IGN is same to his, and your mech is almost some
or I just wrong? My acc got stolen?

you called me noob lol

that’s your acc?=

no,he called me(OmegaEmperor_627)noob :joy:
does being rank 7 mean noob?

O. So thats the blueneko guy. okee. I definitely not him

…someone called me noob and I’m a rank 1 :joy:

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What an fagot.

In the old sm is hell…everyone began to call noob’s…

Jesus no sheet…nobody know’s what does that mean’s…


Also what country he is…

If he is on my country…

Then ill talk to him.