The Auto Pilot Update ;-;

This new update will make us more lazy. :neutral_face:
I wanted to play the game and now I don’t have to because I can sit and Idle it all day.
(Like a couch potato)

The Devs, could of done so many things. Anyways Thanks for the update ;-;


I’m not a dev, but you’re welcome. :smile:


hey no problem man, i love making people lazy


How about a Auto Pilot for pvp / fights for ranking :question:

  • cost 20 tokens

  • you can start before you leave your home for sport, school, work, uni, shopping, etc

  • you come back home and see against whom you won and against whom you lost

Great idea - please @Sarah247 and @Mohadib implement this :exclamation:

For @Fluxeon and @HappyPoppers

of course the costs will increase …

  • 1st day using it = 20 tokens

  • 2nd day using it = 50 tokens

  • 3rd day using it = 100 tokens

Only allowed using it 3 days of the weekly tournament :grey_exclamation:



if you can not with the unetele update but still thanks I suppose

A question @bestplayerintheworld and if you have a bad streak and you lose and lose without stopping and you stay in a low range that will not be for that reason we are the ones who fight so that the computers do not make mistakes…

No worries …

It will be only Auto Pilot vs Auto Pilot :exclamation:

You can watch the battles / fights during being on way with your phone :grey_exclamation:



iva put your name and I do not know why I put sarah xD

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It is the first easy money machine, take the good side.
Lazy people love this update!


I mean damn What is the point of grinding if the game is doing it for me.
Takes the fun out of it just saying :worried:

couch potato :joy: (20 characters limit)

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I like autopilot, but it’s not by “lazy”, but the opposite. Now I can do other tasks, while the game gathers me coins.

Which I don´t like at all is what they did with the fuel. I use BB hard mode, and it burns too fast.

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Well … maybe for you it is not “lazy” but I am sure that for the majority yes haha


This is like the “redu shaper”, “redu shaper works while you perform other tasks”

“And if you’re not happy, we’ll give you your money back” … no! this does not!


lol … an office partner just saw that I’m writing some notes and at the same time collecting coins with the autopilot … so she asks me “what is that?”, I say “I’m playing with an auto-game” … “And why do you want a game that plays alone?” … hahaha … looool


Haha, you had to answer the most common: “I have lazy to play it, but sometimes it’s fun!” :joy:

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