The Apocalypse is Near - Reinstated

Before, I had posted this:

You know that time where the drop rates were so bad that players thought that TS was finally ready to jump ship but smarter players explained how that TS would rather amp up the drop rates so players buy packs more so they can make a last call cash grab? Well… in this past week, 6 members of Trolls Fast received Platinum Plates, 3 in the last 24 hours.

Is it all starting to end or is TS becoming generous?

I had removed this to keep it away from devs then I thought “But why?” so here it is continued:

I had received a Platinum Plate. This didn’t make me as excited as I expected I would have. I had seen so many people receive platinum plates in the last week that I sort of… expected it.

Now after, not even a full day, @Eneginner received a platinum plate. An hour ago, @casualdude received a Mighty Protector. (Still counts as OP). Literally, 3 members of Trolls Fast received Mighty Protectors today (This was from the 5 pack deal so I’m not sure it counts).

I saved this as a beginning of my collection of Clanmates who received a plat plate which I discontinued after I had to go away for a bit but anyhow shows the common dropping of platinum plates now (Was taken yesterday) . @bestplayerintheworld also received one within the last 24 hours.

I suspect that either:
TS is planning their BUFF THE RATES plan right when there’s only 1 year left of Flash which can quite literally mean the end of SM next year. This would convince players to spend a lot of money during the final year. This makes sense because if they were to do this in the final MONTHS of SM, then not many people would buy as there’s no point.


They have finally decided to co-operate with the players and have looked into the balance of the game. Somewhat like how @Silverbox has become suddenly so co-operative with the players and have become the most beloved “Leader” (My personal opinion, which I highly believe that most of you agree)

I, as I have invested so much time in this game, wish that this game would continue. This would mean the if I were to ignore the fact that SM would, maybe, be ending, then the developers have become interested.

Does anyone else see the drop rates as highly increased for particular items and legendaries in general, or am I experiencing a short fortnight of extreme good luck and for those around me?


Drop rates good? Or just me? (Please read for slightly more further explanation)


1 Year left of flash? Please explain, because I don’t want SM to go yet…

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Looks like Adobe is pulling the plug on Flash in 2020…

F*ck someone make new SM


Well, according to some people, Flash is ending in 2020 (approximately 1 year left unless they mean 2020 is the last year) which is the platform Supermechs is run on. Sooooo… yeah.

I’m not too well versed in how the platforming works but I think someone mentioned SM making a jump to HTML or something idk.

Either way, we need to assume it’ll be gone.

The whole SM game can be changed in platforms, so HTML is possible…

Or make Supermechs a whole desktop game altogether, even one that is buyable in Steam or something.

If we assume that they make the jump, are you stating that the developers have increased the chance of everything? Which leads to the developers involvement increasing over this month

Probably not, maybe it’s just something very lucky.

I’ll buy a premium box just to check if it’s going to be a Legend.

Boxes aren’t relieble. I don’t believe in them. Plus Packs are cheaper

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And it’s an Epic of course.

But still, it’s weird that this happens…

So you’re saying that the majority of my friends have been extremely lucky this past week?

I’m sure you’ve seen all the messages in our clan showing all the Mighty Prots and Plat Plates dropping for our clanmates

One more thing, in the past Item Portal (LPV Portal), they have seemingly increased the chances for Legendaries, even I got 4 Legends out of it when in the very past ones I just got 0-2 Leggies.

Even a person in the forums got 2 Legends out of a Fortune, which is little to no chances. And this one is from a regular boss, not a portal one.

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Little to none? I got 2 legendaries in 2 boxes in the Falcon portal (EDITTED: You editted your post which makes me look like I didn’t read your post… but I did lol)

Plus, I saw more people complain about bad drop rates than good drop rates unlike the other portals.

Can I grab Recoil Stomper’s Complaints and compare them to LPV portal? Because I even got NONE from that Recoil portal.

Sure, quote all the complaints

Would you like me to buy a pack?

Nah joke I’m too lazy, but I’m very sure that it has more.

Yeah sure.

Yet, Recoil stompers was an Epic item portal, which has decreased chances anyhow

Lol you got MPV.

Yes, you saw the clanchat