The Accumulator


That name was not the best that came to mind, but that’s enough.

Hello hi, This topic could be a pretty good one but everyone with their likes.

The accumulator is about accumulating items, such as torsos, legs, side weapons ETC … The function of this is to sacrifice 2 or more items to give you a better one and that would be something like this:

1 Diamond Shell + 1 Yoshimo X = God Mode?

2 Ultraspade = Lava Scope?

(At least we are understanding)

1 Thunders Boots + 1 Yoshimo Legs = Electric mass?

And that can also be combined with legends, epics, rare and common but the result is not very good

It would be like a fusion
They like?

PD: También hablo español, soy de Latino América :slight_smile: :smile:


Nice Idea @Tomatiico,
Me gusta la idea.


This game had something like that a while back. I forgot what it was called. It was dumb back then. You sacrifice items to get other items. Anyway, the bad thing was that you only get that item for so many uses. I’m not saying I’m against this, just that there was something like this before they change the upgrade shop.


That feature was HORRIBLE and no one used it. Also the item generated was random. Making it completely useless.


Yep… I used it once, when I was new. I didn’t know what I was doing. Wasted a great torso.


Awe man that sucks!!! Im glad they took it down. they made it waaaayyyyyyy too underpowered.


“Crafting” or what was SO bad, I used “I-don’t-know-how-many” items and got a crappy mythical with 2. freaking. uses.



Yea, It was crafting.