The 3 kinds of troll

I don’t get why these are listed as “trolls” they shouldn’t be trolls unless the person is intentionally trying to troll you which is really rare.

The first one is just a simple heat counter.

The second one is just a time bomb.

And the third is just a heat counter.

These things aren’t trolls, people use them thinking that they will win and that they are a strategy.

The real trolls are quad heat bomb mechs and claw bullies.

By current standards and at rank 1, that build is a semi-troll. It´s made fundamentally to face the free energy heat.

In fact, I have seen you with 780 energy (or 1 more module), surely when you want to face a properly balanced energy mech.

No. No it is not. Due to having high en damage weapons such as UPC and Valiant, the burst energy damage should break the other energy mech before they can break you.

Which standards would these be? I don’t see any official definition by TS.


By the way, yesterday I was at the top. When you’re in the top 10, you have the option not to play (which is what most do, they don’t play). But hell! Why do you login for a game if you don’t play?

So, as always when I feel like throwing some pvp, I decided to do it. More than half of the opponents I got were unmasked trolls (the kind 1 ones), so I went down to rank 150, in addition to enduring various taunts from members of a certain clan.

For this reason, I have decided that later I will build a rabid troll and put it in the Arena. Dead for dead, it doesn’t matter … in the end the result is the same.

Somewhat have to agree with Darkstare on this one. I’ve played it a few times and it does decent overall (beats most heats, 40/60 with physicals and 60/40 with energies, seems balanced); I wouldn’t consider it a troll as it has balanced stats for its build with balanced defense

I would actually say that 450/250 heat is more of a semi-troll. It cannot consistently beat energy free heat mechs.

You forgot a few .

  1. someone who has no respect for the game but claims to and believes that allows them to post whatever they want on the forums or in the arena .

  2. someone who lives in a world of conspiracy theories who claims to be an educated person . This condition causes them to act so irrationally that they can’t see their own hypocrisy in how they build their Mechs, conduct themselves in arena and forum and tarnish their clans reputation, and ultimately end up being a silent voice because players see their hypocrisy and know what they say doesn’t mirror their actions ultimately ending up not believing a word they say.
    These trolls I feel the most pity for because they do this willingly without enough self awareness to know they are actually doing it .


I have had to face Darkstare with my energy. In my energy I use an energy monkey torso with 3 heat modules and 4 energy modules.

Generally, energy vs. energy, I can beat Darkstare. Because of course, I have 4 modules on energy monkey torso, so I´ve 766 energy and more than 300 regen.

But what he says is true, with 766/300 energy you cannot dominate the free energy mech.

I mean, energy has a serious problem. An imbalance problem. The only energy model that face free energy heat is the one with 3 bunkers and 2 valiants.

This is my version of the “Darkstare model”:

And this would be if I used the heat monkey torso:

Both of those are trolls. They cannot beat any heat, they can beat all en. Therefore, it is a troll. Mine can beat some heat, some en. Therefore, it is a rounded.

And this is my troll:

everything’s a troll . . . “it needs to be equally bad at everything or its a troll”

pls no flag
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Equally good at everything*

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yes yes thats what i meant

The game evolved quite a bit. Additionally to the 3 elementals, there is also the ranges.

Real roundeds should theoritivally be good AND bad against all elementals and against all different ranges. There are short range, mid range, long range and very long range builds in all 3 elementals.
This is a dimension that makes the game more interesting.

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I agree with you here.