The 2v2 update made me sick

So, we’ve all excepted the 2v2 update, but I have a funny story to tell. As the title suggests, the 2v2 update made me sick (kind of).

In the morning of the day of the update, shortly after I finished getting ready to go to school, I went on SM for the 35-ish minutes I had available. Shortly after I saw the news and went on the forum, my stomach felt as if it had been punched.

You can guess what happened next. I continued to repeat the action 3 more times in the morning, until I got better. On Tuesday, I still felt bad, on Wednesday, when I laid out a plan for my 2nd build and painted it a vibrant green, I felt better. On Thursday, when I maxed Deso and started to work on Supreme Cannon, I felt much better. And today, when I’ve nearly maxed everything that’s legendary on my mech, I’ve recovered.

Kind of an interesting metaphor for the previous game-changing update that happened.

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hmmm…that’s pretty strange…maybe just a coincidence?

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