The 1000 Ramboy Grind and the Economy of SuperMechs

So I charted my last 1K trips through RamBoy because that’s the kind of nerd I am. It yielded 680 total boxes, 615 Mix and 65 Fortune. In items, i got 1035 Common, 589 Rare, 80 Epic and 3 Legendary. No platinum plate, if you were rooting for me.

This is a thread discussing drops from BigBoy: Drop chances at Big Boy in September

BB on normal obviously costs 2.5x the fuel as RB on normal. Said differently, 100 BB runs equate to 250 RB runs. So comparing the numbers:

250 RB: 259 Common, 147 Rare, 20 Epic, 0.75 Legendary
100 BB: 37 Common, 148 Rare, 13 Epic, 2 Legendary

My 1K RB runs yielded 65 Fortune Boxes. Who knows if my 3 legendaries was good, bad or average RNG. From the BB thread, who know how many fortune boxes they opened to get their legendaries. For that matter, who knows if the chance at a legendary from a Fortune Box has changed since September. I don’t imagine that contents of a Fortune Box are dependent upon where they were earned. So, don’t read too much into the numbers.

On the economy: The 1K runs took about 52 tanks of fuel. At 30 tokens per tank, that’s 1560 tokens. With a bit of rounding, we’ll call that equivalent to 4 Premium Packs and 3 Premium Boxes. I’d be shocked if you wouldn’t get more than 3 legendaries from that. So it would seem that the “best” way is to buy premium stuff.

I don’t mind paying to play. When I look at the number of hours I played to grind 1K RBs, the entertainment cost me around $1.30 an hour. That’s cool. That’s a ton cheaper than golfing, hunting, fishing or any other number of things I do for entertainment.

The disappointment I have is because I’m an idealist. If you’re willing to give your money to a game, you deserve something back, like premium chances. If, however, you’re willing to give both your money and your time to the game, then the return should be greater. If a player receives greater return on dollars by participating in the grind, then TS gets money and the loyalty of extended play, which only leads to more money over the long term.

Alternatively, make a common-to-myth version of the top items available through Fortune Boxes. If I got a common-to-myth platinum plate, you can bet I’ll be dropping a quick $20-$50 to grind out the fusing material to take it to max-myth. I might even buy premium packs to make that grind faster.

I hope the developers see this and give it some consideration. I’m not asking for a freebie. Give me greater incentive to play. The game is fun. Reward me for both my time and my money. Doing so will surely get you more of both from me.


That’s hella geeky post right here, I like it.


Thanks! I embrace my geekiness.

This community needs more people like you


are RB and BB the only bosses that give “good” drops cause the only legendary i got from a fortune box was the 2nd time i played the 2nd boss :question:

That’s hard to say - as @purplehooter pointed out, the chance of getting a legendery item are so slim that you would need to farm every boss more than 1.000 times (10.000 times could be sufficient) in order to find that out.

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