That's how I see the electric mechs

that’s how I see the electric mechs


You wear an anonymous mask???

yes ,i wear a mask .

Why do you wear a mask?

why I wanted to emphasize hackers, as a reference to what they are very op


Okay, so U wear that mask In real life too ?

no, I use the mask for special situations like this, or omegle

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Are you Dwightx? You both wear masks

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I’m not dwightx … .

Hello i’m dwightx the most controversial human being on the forums.

Im even being talked about behind my back.

Nice to meet you dwightx, hello I’m x

Your name is x what?

We are in a progressive era , dont judge him

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zero I already play your 4 games or 5 where are the following :'v

I am a cyber elf now, remember that I died in the 4, those of capcom took megaman zx for that reason

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Dwightx wearing mask ? Damn I thought that was his face , :confused: