That new weapon you can get in campaign

Did already got it?

Is it worth to play on campaign to get it?

@Sarah247 If I get boxes, and I have inventory limit, in the case it is in the box, can I get it later after being under inventory limit?

It’s a low-damage pusher weapon that hits at range 2-4 and knocks back by 3.

Weight is 18 kg.

You can decide whether it’s useful for you or not from this. :slight_smile:


What is its damage?

Could you sent me the stats?

Can you max it out or transform?

Stops at Epic, damage is negligible, very low… like below 50.

The picture in the news has the weapon with a double barrel but the epic only has a single barrel…

I think that picture is a scam. :frowning:

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Thanks for your replies.

I still hope that I can get it after opening my unclaimed boxes after being under the Item Limit.


Weapon does not use energy, and has 2 charges - two more details which weren’t mentioned by Fluxeon. Unless there is legendary-mythic equivalent, this is utility item actually.


blah blah blah
Epic is the same but 22 heat and more damage

ya welc0me

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really…do we need this weapon? I think not.

What we need is an increased chance to get legendary items. We need that legendary HP module start from epic, or increase a bit the hp of the epic one. We need interesting event, like unicorns.


Rare version is much better than the epic version (half the heat).

I think it’ll be mostly useful for the average heat mech player who hasn’t found Mercy or Magma Blast or Abomination.


some people told me they got an epic-Myth version of this thing
so i dunno if theyre were joking with me or theyre 2 versions of this weapon

Definitely no Epic-Myth.

Maybe a legendary-myth? But as far as I know, no one got one of those.

hmm weird thing .-.
i guess this is the most weird thing on the game actually
i dont know if spend 20 tokens on stamina and conjure Eris-sama to get this thing and post it xD
What do u think Fluxy?

I view it similar to a reverse grapling hook. I can blast people into the range of my stronger energy weapons, since i still dont have a good energy flame thrower.

say goodbye to the game.

The new era of push back mech is started. Weapons like annihiliation will be become useless. In this game you spend a lot of time for upgrading something that will be useless.

Tactisoft, you made another mistake, again

It can be used two times so if you have a charge, hook and teleport you can stay close. Not to mention that its range is 2-4 and annihilation can be used in range 1 too. Not to mention if you are in the corner your opponent cant do anything with this weapon.

I got a legendary out of the repulser portal, so I’m sure theres an increase in chance?

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I cant even get a box.


@WinzKay Never say here if you get any legendary item.
Im just getting charcoal boxes not even rare.