Thanx for reminding me for ''valiant sniper'', now back to my old account, the revival strategy!

Here’s the revival strategy… no words needed to describe this mastery, by far and unquestionably the electric mechs are deadliest and yet the easiest to strategize!

Double valiant snipers, EMP, bunker shell, lightning recoiler & anguish drone is it’s massive pros but low HP is it’s only con side and teleporter can easily replaced with double variant but that is up to you!

Unloading all of them will, damage 30 energy capacity and 69 energy regeneration, drain 111 electric resistance max for your opponent and I didn’t even get started at EMP and Anguish at all!
And yes, Anguish is better than the Murmur in the correct strategies!

Last strategy was a joke, if you want to do true strategy then electric with these items is the way!

But opinions are still needed and yes, double bunker shells olso do the trick but EMP can do the trick too!

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Hell yes.


But they are easier once you’re Bunker Gay.Yet they’re still not as easy as you seem to think to maneuver.

What do you exactly know,Rank 16 guy?

Anguish has to be kinda the most useless drone out of all of them;even Windforge is essentially better than it.

Also,you may wanna get a Last Words on that thing instead of the EMP.Or if you wanna be EMP-gay,you may replace the recoiler (b ut that’s a tool of skill you might wanna use if you know how.From range 2 directly to Valiant so I suggest trashing the SH-EMP.

The heat and cooling values are moderate and are just enough to survive.I roll such stats and I can confirm that it does work indeed.

And the energy stats…Mate,just equip engines instead of boosters.You have enough weight for that,too.

Switch the damn boosters,trash the EMP and drop the useless Hook for some actual HP!

Thank you Rank 16 guy.

That was very educational,with no faults and at least 10 times more exemplified and through-out than everything I knew before.

I would have died dumb if I weren’t to allow you to help me discover such incredible feats.

Indeed,no words to describe it because…It makes no sense?

What is the ‘‘Revival mastery’’?

And why is it on a Valiant/EMP mech?

Get range 3-6 en drone and then go win win

Reviving my old level 96 Chadpasta account that is literally way over then rank 16, you don’t need to be rude, and yes, electric is easy to strat once you have op stuff


Sorry,I was just sarcastic.

Seeing your calm response,I’m sorry for being an ass.

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