Thanks TS for this event!


A special thanks to all the TS members , developers and everyone out there for pulling this! We got the chanse to get some legendaries , which i got 3.

This one has made me so happy !

Thanks TS for this event , and making the portals a common thing every week


I was really lucky, got 2 of them from same box lol

Worth the tokens I spent I guess.


me too :smiley:

Nice event Thanks Tactisoft !!!




2 times the event , 5 legendaries :DDDDD try to beat me


No problem… I will show you once the event is over. :wink:


Thank you guys… that was express nerf, now nothing drops - 6 insane, 3, hard - zero items ! I repeat … zero !! You never learn…


idk ive been very lucky with my drops


yes quality entertainment now that youve said that you dont know how silent i actually am when i talk.


I can’t really get why people have this urge to brag about everything.


how was i bragging? i just said i got this. im not going around evrryone like “YO DUDE LOOK AT ME I GOT THIS AND THAT AND THIS” nope . i got the items , got the v.s , got shook , then moved on


is that lavascope weapon even that good?

i want to see it in action


Nice haul.

Now, the nerf of the drop begins!