Thanks for those 100 tokens!

Thank you, and have a great day

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Why General Discussions?

I can’t see the point of this one particular thread…
Who are you thanking and why?
Was this really necessary?

(Moved to Spam)

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cause it’s nice when you say thanks to the people who have given everyone 100 tokens. So be responsible and respectful

why is it spam then, if you aren’t respectful to a conversation, I saw the debate about water

Debate:water is wet? is spam not general discussion

You should have said that.
Even so,why not go directly to that thread (like everyone else) and replying with a big,nice “Thank you” instead of making a separate topic?

Even if you’re still trying to be nice… wouldn’t it be in spam because it is no way connected to SuperMechs or BattleDawn

EDIT: I only just saw the title

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Move it to spam?

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