Thank you tactisoft

Im so happy that you created the watch video for extra card feature! I dont care that it just usually gives rares, im still happy :slight_smile:


Deveria to leave for the version that one plays in browser PC, apart from that would like other things … like increase the probability of the legendary, or legendary super rare as the legendary hp plate … you get happy with a rare one?

One bonus rare from most boxes can help with upgrading items faster

a video gives 2 tokens … a plate of hp q arrives at mitico, valiant, magma gun, bunker, etc can also help you to rise in rank, it is not much the bonus if you put to see that when watching videos gives tokens … but good that we do not have phone we do not win tokens … I do not have a phone

I tried that “watch video” thing several times…all I did was waste five minutes (until I refreshed the page to get back to playing).
Seems a bit on the pointless side (imho) if it’s not going to work every time.

it works for me every time on pc and mobile(android)