TerrorBlade or HeronMark

Hi guys, another big question:


This weapon will be used on my heat mech. I already have the heat shotgun and supreme cannon (top heat missile launcher range 3-6). What is your suggestion? Heron would fit nice with the shotgun combo, while Terror would be good for pushing in range of S cannon… I do not know what to pick…


Imho HeronMark lost its appeal after last change (range 1-2 and less dmg)
But it is lighter on the other side and can define some builds.
TerrorBlade makes sense with strong utility items (expensive to max out because of single use), but you have to be aware of range 1 drawbacks when there are no more 2-use grapplers for instance.

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I know all of that… What do you think I should pick to combine it with the shotgun? I believe haron makes more sense, because I can close the distance after an enemy stomp, for example…

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test both in campaign? they may have secret stats that make a big difference.

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Wow, great advice. Add to it: maxx both to myth level, and see which is better. If you do not have gold/items, buy tokens.

Sorry, but the campaign has NOTHING to do with testing weapons. Bots are of limited design (pushers), I cannot test the weapons against energy mechs, and BB is the only physical mech, also of limited design. Besides, the stats of maxxed items might differ considerably from what they are now. So nope, I will not test them, nor fuse them. Instead, I will use the forum to ask other players what they think, and preferably some users of maxxed Terror and Heron may post stats so that I compare.

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All i meant is right now see what damage they do to max heat and cooling. For the mythical version these normally just straight double from legendary.

No need to make both mythical i agree. That would be pointless.

In my opinion they work diferently.
I see heron mark as a good mele wepon if you use a flamer.
But with reckoning i see it in better synergy with terror blade.(similar build of asa, he uses abomination).

Also heron mark doesnt have hidden stats… just checked it… would have been great to have… but
It also overheats you more then enemy, 71 vs 75(you)

WTF is this strategy? I do not understand. How the weapon may overheat you more than the enemy? What is the use? It is really dumb.

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I recommend Heron Mark :smiley:

STATERGY: maybe if i kill my own mech it will throw the opponet off

I agree that doing more heat damage to yourself is a little much (maybe 75/50 or so would be better) but that doesn’t mean they’re unreasonable items.

Remember that the enemy’s physical and energy weapons will heat them up as well + zero heat to you. One full turn with physical weapons and a drone is ~75 heat (0 to you). If one of your weapons does 71/75 and the others are more one-sided (reckoning, corrupt light, murmur, nemo, abomination, crimson rapture, magma blast) you’re still going to be WAY ahead.

Regarding the two swords, as others have said it really depends on your set up. If you’re trying to stay close, the 2-range jumping swords are awesome since they require the enemy to knock you back twice in one turn to get out of range (so if you get them to use shutdown one turn, they can’t knock you out of range). For knock-back builds, however, TerrorBlade is great.

So basically, you’d want to do: a) a set up with something like TerrorBlade + Reckoning, which is great vs mechs that need to get close, or something like Heron Mark + Crimson Rapture.


Anyone have final stats on these items?

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