Ten man alliances, and four man alliances


I just noticed there are only 9 members per alliance.

This is a SUPER selfish request, since I have 10 members in the upcoming F1 reset, and I don’t like subs… But is there any chance we could get 10 people per alliance? If not a permanent thing, but for F1 when it resets?

Would really appreciate it!

Seriously though, has it been tried before? I’d like to see if it changes the dynamic of the game.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be cool to see how small alliances would work? Can we test like 4 or 5 man alliances on one server?


There have been servers with smaller alliance sized before :slight_smile:
I attended a 4 man on fantasy a while back. Things change era to era. I’m sure the admin won’t mind making it a 10 man instead of a 9 man.


Hey Robin Hood,

Fantasy 1 often changes alliance size and tom is normally quite open to suggestions if it keeps the world competitive.

I have previously played there as a 3 man against Burn the World alliance, a 6 man with the help of @madmax and as a 9 man with Burn the World. These were all in said order and were all quite interesting but completely different eras i feel.

If you would like to change the alliance size its best to speak to Tom directly through the game.


last M2 was 4 man team btw also , its cool if u got active players , because with less players more hard to battle , especially considering also that time zones play big part at small alliances era


Well M2 has been consistently 4 man alliance for a long time now.
Before that it was 8 man for quite some time & before that it was the original 10 man alliance.


I played a 3 man alliance one a little while ago, When Milan was trying to go for a Boat. But admin ended it early so he couldn’t get it :expressionless: he finished 2nd in the end.


Better make a 25 man alliance.


120 man alliance has been tried last era on e4 it was a special event where u would be automatically placed into 1 of 4 alliances at tick 50 it was an amazing era with an amazing war but some leaders werent able to lead the 120 sufficiently and their co-leaders werent of much help and an alliance amazingly kicked all of its useful memebers :joy: but it was a top notch era


Yea I know. It didnt work out.

But if you make a normal era 25 man a team. with normal leader and possibility to share recources. That would be fun.