Temporary fix to BackBreaker


Hello pilots,

We are releasing a temporary fix for BackBreaker workshop issues by giving it back its old graphics.
The axe graphics will be returned once we have our next version up and running.

Thank you for your help,

Server restart happening
BackBreaker looks same as Warhammer
WHY does War Hammer Look exactly like Back Breaker?
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Swords have been buffed!
Eh wha.. what is this?

Gimme some spoilers.
What will be in the next version?


Box nerf and forced 3vs3


I’m in for that one! Miss it… :confused:


I hope temporary as in quick. I eagerly await the new hammers! And thank you for the fix.


I wonder what happened I was starting to think the war hammer was temporary.


awww i really liked the new axe skin!


It’ll return once the next game version drops. For now it’s back to it’s old sprite because of the dupe glitch.


what’s the dupe glitch?


Dupe glitch is the source of a massive headache


What he said ^ just wait for the next version. It’s better to not think about it.

I’m still not telling you. Nor will anyone else. Last thing we need is people knowing about such a stupid glitch.


but i really want to know!


You could duplicate items


thank you
tho i gotta say… that glitch has been here longer than the new update


Yes, it was here prior to the update. But this “version” of it allowed you to duplicate items and actually keep them. Hence the shush on any and all information regarding it.

(although since the sprite was reverted I doubt I should worry but better safe than sorry).


6vs6 bro.

20 caract


That actually sounds pretty appealing to me :smiley: