Tell your nightmares!


Idea from a topic to share your stories with others, made by @destoyer8.0, but this time it is about nightmares!
Tell your nightmare story, something you never forgot, something that still haunts your mind, A TRUE NIGHTMARE!!!
Here is mine:

Tell your nightmares!!!


She lied to me with other guy


stop, guy please just stop if you keep going im gonna show you my ambigous genitalia (you are gonna get traumatized)


No, but here is my nightmare seriously … I was walking down the street and I entered a cafeteria and I saw her … Lying to me with another boy.


It’s a joke lol, I never has a Girlfriend.
Besty don’t love me :man_shrugging:


**** you this is becoming ridiculous


my nightmare is me waking up for school :frowning:


my nightmare are centipedes, when i was on the scouts i fall i a hole, that **** was filled up with centipedes and then the just started to crawl on me ( that was the scariest sensation ever) and i just standed there casue olders scouts tell that when centipedes are poisonous what you have to do is not move so they do not get stung, today when i felt somthing strange on my skin, I get scared


Being in school for the rest of my life.


When you grow,you’ll understand that taking jobs are harder than that lol.


I don’t want to sit in a boring class every day.
At least my mom and dad are free during their jobs.




You guys want scary dreams, I got a few.

“Leprechaun laughing”

  • Anyone ever see the movie “Leprechaun.” It’s an old 90s movie. Anyway saw when I was in elementary. I was sleeping one night, when the face of that leprechaun showed up just laughing like crazy. He was just laughing, and laughing, and laughing like crazy. I couldn’t wake up. I finally did, eventually

“The Red Giant Bull Monster”

  • Anyone ever see “Independence Day!” Well, in this dream of mine, there a scene kind of like it. I was in the desert with people I don’t know, farming. Building behind me made with desert sand. A giant red bull, standing on two feet with a giant barbaric bat, appears far away coming close. Everyone is running into the building. I just stand there and thinking why frkn run in building. (The dream ends after that.)


your dreams are very weird


My worse night mare of all time happens almost every week…

“Where the fk are my Socks or shoes”

I have that dream almost every week.


My biggest fears are mirrors and black, empty eye sockets.
Got those two mixed together in a nightmare last night.

I was so scared I woke up in shock.


hey with contact lenses and some makeup, my eyes can look like that


Don’t do it.

spare me


aw, the baby is scared


We all have our own fears.
Even pathetic and childish ones.