Tell me what's wrong in this image?

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What’s wrong with this one?
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Is it energy cost higher than enerygy dmg?

“However, we want the item to have a downside, so it will be very heavy for a weapon with only one use.
Energy Damage Reduced by 15%, Weight increased from 27 to 75kg (we could revisit this if we see an issue)”

I know I already told you. But I just couldn’t resist. Heh


That’s 3 cons to pros. Overweight, Reduced drain, higher cost. This is appalling.

The edit one:
’‘We have received complaints from players that are stuck because of insufficient space in their inventory. Most of these players are stuck because of too many powers kits or legacy items they cannot upgrade.
After a long discussion, the team has decided to give 100 extra inventory slots to players that are in these positions.’'

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I have the feeling you got that from my bookmarks…

which is idk, something


Why in the flippity-flop would you bookmark closed topics?

You should bookmark my topics to show me as your master.

Boredom, I quite liked reading through them. (Plus for some reason stuff I save tends to come up in future chats and I feel it’s better to prepare…weird).

Bookmark my topics to prove that you worship me as your G O D

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EMP still drains my 529 anti energy psyh lol

Ya nedd 1000/500 energy meng.

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That second picture is clearly a reference to how campaign/pvp boxes disappear if you don’t have room for them.

You still get the items

You’d have to tell me how - because I don’t. If I buy a silver/prem box when my inventory is full, it goes to the ‘unclaimed boxes’ tab just fine - but if a box drops from campaign or pvp, and my inventory is full, it just disappears. Old bug, fairly easy to avoid, but still annoying.

Bought Boxes will always go to unclaimed.

Some boxes (sometimes) like Fortune Boxes/Some Mixes Boxes will also go there. But other times they’ll be opened and the items will be added to your inventory (hence the 201/200 or beyond).

Sometimes with some portals like the EMP/HB/HotFlash/Flaminator/Claw ones, the boxes didn’t go anywhere, not into unclaimed nor did the items save to your inventory. (It’s a strange bug that only a few had apparently).

It doesnt disappear, the items in that box are opened and thats what causes your inventory to fill, essentially skipping the opening animation. I used to think they disappear until I found a thread and counted the inventory slots to make sure. Once you get that message you can ignore it and farm boxes as they stack in your unclaimed boxes.

I know, and you’re right - except it actually disappears in my case. Weird, dunno why, but that’s what happens.



lol I see it now

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