Tell me the changes and rate it out of 10



Seems to be a melee nightmare. Core stats are kinda low with 390/248 and 313/161.

5/10; needs refinement.


What changes tell me I have mostly all the items


You will need more heat and energy


Ok (mention the minimum and maximum amount of heat and energy I need )
Tell me that do I need to substitute any weapon


Pls show the modules and special items


Modules r
2x cooling mass booster s
2x energy engines
2 epic plates
1 maximum protector
1 energy mass booster
Platinum grappling hook
Teleport (idk which one )
Clash drone


I would do modules like this
Heat Engine x2
Energy Engine x2
Cooling mass booster x1
Energy mass booster x1
Epic platings x2 or Epic plating x1 + Maximum Protector


Then I will have even less hp


but you will have more heat/energy, and also change torso to Zarkares


Can I have the opinion of @El_Metre


6/10 health and energy are low


el metre is relpyin!!


Ik he is from a long time


well it is a good solid build.
But there are a few things i would do diferent.
let go of the teleport, -11kg, spare weight 15kg
And either go for an anty energy/phis, with letting go of the cooling booster, and placeing an energy engine(+10kg).total weight 995kg.
Or go for a heat/phis killer, with replacing 1 energy engine for a 1 heat engine.
droping the regen booster, toghether with teleport 11+15+4=20kg spare.And add another hp plate instead of the other energy engine.
Try these and let’s see what we get…
There isnt any good counters for heat/energy, using a heat build, since they need diferent modules.


Ok thx u r the best El


Dont mention it, it is always my pleasure.


the trick is always to be in the range of combos.
Be it close, axe + redocking, be it at range 2 redocking + supreme.
And if oponent to far… the good old hook and axe, or charge and redocking.


Is this any better


nope, the supreme is alot better then downblaze, it has -12 res drain, and push, and higher dmg, with same range 3-6.