Teletransporters (Idea)


Hello everyone today I would like to talk about teleporters because there are not any other types? heat and physics would be nice to be able to get a heat hook and a physical hook you think [poll type=regular public=true]

  • I like the idea
  • I do not like
  • I like that there is only one type (energy)


This poll means nothing, do you think anybody cares?

Sorry TS: ur last update just made u loose another player… I’m quite . Only game we’re devs try to keep fuvking up players !

Thank you very much but I understood you don’t give a damn about ur players!


say something new XD


The only thing I want to know (and it’s not clear to me), is where are they giving death punch?

I just saw another player who until 1 day ago didn´t have them, with 2 new ones … where are they given? Who should be killed to be given as candy?


how do you know they didnt just have them in the workshop to fuse up? or perhaps they got them from the christmas sale?