Tech support.... idk

Ok so i just turned my pc screen on after it was off for awhile and saw this on my screen

Is it time for me to get a new graphics card or is this just a small thing that doesnt mean anything?

I was considering upgrading to gtx 1080ti anyways. Not sure how soon tho. If my current card is fucked, that will speed up the process.

I restarted and it works fine now. But I am unsure if i should be worried or not.

Lately it would often happen where i start up a game, the screen stalls for a bit and it shows a frame from a previous time (like, it shows i have different programs on) and then it becomes normal again and the game starts up.

I currently have the gtx 980 Ti but i got it a long ass time ago. so, i guess its time has come :’(

… and now the window where its supposed to show the super mechs game is just black. frick. after the restart i cant play SM from pc.

Idk i’m not an expert on computers ;-; I never seen the first image before

You are stupid, this isnt definitly a virus.

Yeah so dont talk about things you dont know.

@Kaen its a graphic card problem.

Did it overheat or stuff?

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not that i know of. i have left my computer on for a long time before but this happened after the computer was on for only like half an hour. i locked it and turned off the screen to go eat a jar of pickles. when i came back and turned on the screen it was showing weird. i typed in my password and it was still weird asf. so i restarted it and it started working fine besides not loading SM for a few hours.

I really dont know how you treated your computer so…

The screenshot you took with the supermechs screen sounds very familiar for me.
It happened to me on some computers already.

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well, i bought every part separately and assembled my computer myself, had gloves on and grounding the entire time. i don’t think it should be overheating as i have a water-cooling system that after building, i had someone that is an expert double-check to make sure it’s set up right. and i have had an antivirus on this computer the entire time since installing Windows. I haven’t used any botnets or malware or harmful software on this computer. (i have a different one for that). just gaming. so i would imagine it would be safe.

It must be something with the Graphic Card.
Or the memory of the graphic card.

Or connections between the motherboard and graphic card.

i might just buy a new graphics card since my current isn’t considered that powerful anymore. i wouldn’t mind having actually good graphics again.

when i just bought my current, it was considered good. now that the 1080 is out, mine is trash in comparison

My first guess would be overheating (check the temperature using some tool if you can) but considering the issue with websites you’re having (which use quite minimal GPU acceleration), I’d consider trying a fresh install and/or using Ubuntu (don’t need to install it - put it on a USB stick and boot from it without installing! Installing will mess up your boot loader!) to check if it might be a windows or driver problem.

Can also narrow it down by plugging your monitor in the motherboard’s HDMI port and relying on the Intel (?) internal GPU for a bit.

A 980 is by no means dated. It can still run all games on highest settings. It should not be close to breaking yet. Message me sometimes otherwise for details … Lots can be done really.

Reminds me, make sure the graphics card is seated firmly, the connectors inside the port are undamaged (same for the cable). Also make sure to check the windows event viewer, can see logs there of any errors.

Note: I realize you said you used watercooling, but watercooling is no magic wand. Its effectiveness depends fully on the setup, distribution of heat in the endgame. Managing a self-built PC takes vigilance, watercooling or no. In fact, Watercooling can perform far worse and end up being extremely expensive to replace if you don’t replace your cooling liquid every 6 months or so. Have you checked the liquid lately?

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I’m sorry, you did what?

Americans, man

Im sorry it was national pickle day

lol Kaen,

U just force shut down ur computer while u running something on it that’s why screen messed up

Just restart it

No fault of your card :wink: