Teach an idiot ..ю.ю


I?:open_mouth: I never write anything in the arena! in rare cases.

well, tell me your gaming nickname so that I remember)) and make this fight eternal))


Than maybe I’m just an unlucky guy …


If you don’t want to wait,just quit.It doesn’t cost you anything.Don’t worry,mate,you’ll earn that star back in no time.You have a good setup.

Also,in his defense,it also occurs to me,though very rarely.
I usually play SM in most of my classes and,when I need to take notes,it happens that I take up to 30 second to act.Like…I usually have 2-3 seconds left to react and I rush to take action.

Although,as rarely as it happens from me,when I am in that situation,I will quit myself if I see that it would keep happening for more than two full turns.


You also have pretty good points,right there.


No need to ‘‘take revenge’’,brother…Sometimes,you just can’t help it.
Maybe he wasn’t in class like it rarely happens to me,maybe his connection was slow.I remember that,when I go to the country to meet up with my farther relatives,I also had really slow connection and,even when I’d make my choice and take action in the first 2-3 seconds of the turn,the action would be taken in by the server in about 20.


@11160 я конечно понимаю, что тебя бесит что некоторые специально выжидают 30 секунд чтобы взять контр пик( типа они вылетели или отошли, а на самом деле не так) Это как борьба с ветряной мельницей с пикой на коне) скажи спасибо угадайке режима 2на2… не было бы его, такое не происходило бы, так что лучше вини разрабов ,а не игроков… вторые всеравно ничего не поимут и продолжат, а ты просто время потратишь в пустую


I apologise if I make people wait 30 seconds

I’m usually picking out my next song, watching an important part of a video, finishing my sentence for my report or completely forgot I was playing


I doubt it very much! Last week I could not take the 2 rank! Over the past two days I spent about 12 hours in the arena and the maximum that I could do is 1 star of the 2 rank. I do not understand what is happening, earlierI took the first rank! My opponents have not changed, my mechanisms have become stronger, but my damage has dropped at times.
I killed the gorgon)) I killed the monster, twice, but I am the third rank. I hope soon I will say goodbye to this game. left to wait a couple of months.


do not lie! I remember you, you were dragging time the whole fight!


I know it. I have this, too, and I see when a person has problems with the network / game. and I do not pull time.


многие понимают ))
я же писал выше. три боя человек тянул с выбором, писал что-то про баг рекойлера, хотя у него не было рекойлера ни на одном мехе. Первые бои я не обращал внимание, а потом начал учить. После такого урока мы бились ещё 2-3 раза и он делал выбор нормально, быстро!

А мне некуда торопиться, первый ранг мне не дают взять, я уже 70 побед наколотил на 4-2 ранге и сейчас остановился 0 звёзд второго ранга. Короче так и так трачу время в пустую ))


Just because you can’t reach that rank so easily doesn’t mean that you should give up on all your hard work,mate…

Yes,I also reached rank 3 last season.I’m here,right now,being very happy with my rank 4 no stars.

Let’s just relax for a minute and refresh our ideas.No need to make big deals out of such small things.You have better weeks,just as you have worse ones.I also happen to kill those that are truly fierce in my petty rank,yet lose to those I’d theoretically (far) surpass in terms of building.

So what?
Sure,it gets pretty frustrating at times,when you do your hardest and give your very fullest,when you’re built up with determination and hope.Blame this stupid update,not your opponents or yourself.Sometimes,you just need to have a stroke.

Yes,a stroke.Luck.If today isn’t your day,return tomorrow with a fresher mind,after you’ve rested up.Everything will be okay.


See?That’s exactly it!
Maybe it happened to them,as well.It’s nobody’s fault,so let’s not even talk about it since there’s no need to and because it can’t be helped :slight_smile:



I was talking to everyone in general

I didn’t drag my battle out against daemond, mister x or any other accouns you pilot


Sometimes, it can take up to 15 seconds on slow mobile devices to register their actions to the faster device of the opponent, or vice versa.

So it may look as if it takes them time to do an action, but on their screen, it’s already been done


лол что? чувак затянул выбор меха на целых 30 сек(возможно отошел, свернул игру забыв нажать галку, отвлекся и т.д) и поэтому ты тратишь 8 минут на бой? серьёзно? ты в курсе что сам себя таким образом тоже наказываешь?)))


I normally spend the mech choosing screen time playing a new song or grabbing a drink, or finishing a bit of paperwork…what winzkay said. I really dont care if somebody makes me wait, and I dont go out of my way to speed things up.


If you really feel sorry change the fucking title


No not on that lol.