Teach an idiot ..ю.ю


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Its not always like that sometime i take lot of time to think, its not something idiotic.well if tere is an emergency task they might be doing that pls dont be so picky thanks.:grin:


Not gonna lie. It was pretty frustrating to watch.


Do you also keep waiting on the choice of mechs 30 sek? and then you can’t even apologize for the delay?
I understand that you can be distracted (the selection of the enemy is often very takes time and I also read the forum at this time, but I always apologize when I come into battle), is it difficult to apologize?
you will do to me just like him, we will fight eternity with you)))




Sorry but I don’t see the problem. Each Turn have 30 seconds right?


he made me wait on the choice of furs, I made him wait 8 minutes!


Maybe his internet was bad at the start… you just wasted your and his time :confused:


I agree sometimes Internet is really slow mainly on phone


You know, not everyone can have your overgodly supreme intelligence and forseeing capabilities (those two unique qualities are leading to quick chooses, ofc) at the choosing screen…

And it’s well known that it’s totally I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E to have some IRL things of the last minute…

Don’t you want him to lick your royal ass, too ?

You don’t know why he used the whole 30 seconds to choose…
He might have done the fastest he could (“might” is the most important verb here)

I’m too lazy to say again a third time, check what I said above

What I see in this video is just a triggered person venting out on someone else for being annoying (in the first person’s standards)…

And before someone asks, no, I won’t restain my language…
Not with someone acting like a dick in a battle (from what I saw, the other player didn’t take the whole turns to play after original VS screen, and the only insult from him was an answer to a taunt), recording it and trying to do a “public shaming”

Oh and I forgot, calling him name/insulting


No, I have better:

Make 11160 the crap out of Hell in battle, to make him impossible to get daily wins…

And then, maybe he’ll understand…


so you can not apologize? Ok, for me now time does not matter, I will do it with every idiot who pulls time to choose!


Sorry but why should I apologize? I not even was on that fight :rofl:


ok hello idiot)) what should i understand? that he simply decided to make the person wait until he came and chose his damn mechs?
you are an idiot in the square and do not even understand why such ghouls like him do it!

  1. you see that he is not there and you make a choice on his first mech, and after 30 seconds you see that he took countermech!
  2. Some go out seeing a delay!

on the first point, I see very often who does this! but I make a choice 1 time and do not change seeing the missing player.


So this was a punishment for him taking some time to pick his mechs? That’s why you hovered like a slack mouthed retard over every already determined move? Like wtf kind of message is that? “Take time to Pick mechs and I’ll waste both our time” how do you simultaneously hold your time as being so important 20 seconds of it being taken is an offense deserving of retribution yet also hold your own time as being so unimportant that you’d throw so much of it a way to teach some poor guy a “lesson”? I literally don’t understand the brain process that led to this.


you protect him! I ask, what prevents to apologize for the delay? idiocy? sense of superiority? what?


probably never understand))
alas, sad!


I protect him cuz you are always rude and toxic in Arena. thats the why. And takes time to pick mechs is realy usefull to see what will be the best counter for your mechs. And next time that I will meet you in Arena you can expect 8 minutes from me…


Legacy 10 mins battles returns? Yay…


small example.
There is a separate group of players - they pull with a shot, so that you get out of the battle giving him the victory. But as soon as you do the same with him, he starts shooting instantly! This is a lesson.
Now he has lost 8 minutes of playing time, the next time he will make a choice right away! This is a past stage! 2 weeks ago I did the same with another top player (he had two fights for me to wait). after such a lesson I fought with him several more times and he made his choice quickly - the lesson was learned, the goal was achieved!