Tbh Kaen is basically a better Milan



Not sure who any of those people are, but I feel inclined to take Kaens side, since he introduuuuuuuu

I mean no bias, Kaen is just better.


Milan is a noob that accidentally got himself into the top 5 of Best of all time twice. i helped him get it.


I’m in there :slight_smile:

Milan is a boosted newb. He goes by the IGN Senatus Kong or smth


Seantus of DONG BD* u mean carter


has milan ever done interesting things to a cup of jello and uploaded the video to his facebook?

'nuff said.


omfg who are you? add me on skype


bazinga124 on skype (BAZINGA if you hadn’t worked it out by that)


Continuing to reverse the order of the spam category, slowly…

Urgh, this is hard!