Tankwars Battlefront : Suggestions & Aproval (updated)

Full Ingame rules in accurate/clear terms
You can submit any certain units that go above the natural basics of tanks.
Submit your prototypes/versions of basic tanks here or in the contribution and archives section.
Anything above 500 builds -50 rate slower because of the +250 statpoints and it goes down by -25.
Anything above 250 builds -25 rate slower.
A basic tank/unit is worth 250 or less statpoints which build +10 rate faster.
Light tank/unit are worth 175 or less statpoints which builds +25 rate faster.
The only way to summon/build anything is through using your hero/main characters/structures or nation/faction.
Your nation’s construction/action rate or boosts/reductions is limited to 50 statpoints.
If not declared, the default is +25 constructing rate and +25 nation heal.

Hero/Main Character/Structure
Your nation starts with 3 hero/main characters/structures have a total up to max 950 statpoints to use, you can exceed it but it will have to be approved of by first to take any true effects.

You can build from any hero/main character/structure on your existing nation which has a 50+ statpoints boost limit from any extent building/constructing using statpoints in your starting nation.

Ponder many players as you conquer many regions or use your pvp against other players.

Hitpoints : When 0 results death
Extent : Increases hitpoints extent by +1x meaning a survival.
Damage : Reduces Health
Heal/Repair, regeneration/autorepair : Increases health
Constructing/Payment or Recruit/Hire : Increases builder rate which is added onto statpoints.
Cost/Requirement (name) : This stat is free, but it can’t be under full statpoints of the unit.
Damage (type/optional) : Define it to determine what it does to your target.
Cannon/Barrel or Power/Strength : Increases damage/heal extent/amount by +1x meaning more turret ferocity.
Ammo/Combo or Chambers/Barrels : How many shots fired per round-off 0 mean +1 attack per roundoff which gives you +50 statpoints which can be used regardless of terms.
Dodge : How much ammo/combo could be dodged per round-off.
Armor (type/optional) : Reduces damage, (doesn’t count as any at max 25 in the 1 armor type)
Plates (type : Increases armor extent by +1x meaning thicker armor.
Speed : Reduces target distance and also escapes from damage if higher than range.
Ferocity : Increases movement rate by +1x meaning faster movements.
Range : Increases your distance
Mortar/Howitzer : Increases range extent by +1x meaning an longer range.
Stealth : You can’t be targeted per stealth, but while firing +1 sensor added to target
Jammer : You can reduce a target’s sensor adding +1 cloaking all allies from radars and sensors
Cloak : Increase stealth/jammer extent by +1x meaning an more effective avisibility (invisibility).
Sensor : You can attack stealth targets if your sensor is equal or higher than their stealth.
System : You can tripwire a target’s stealth by adding +1 uncloaking all present/visible enemies.
Scanner : Increases sensor/tripwire extent by +1x meaning your sensor is amplified.
Weakness/Need : Does extra damage to your unit/structure and if at 50 then it gains +50 statpoints, any other weaknesses are linked to the current ones.
Progress (specified stat): Increases success rate in a certain stats being successful.
Sabotage (specified stat): Creates a weakness in a stat depending their success rate. (This is a non-support skill.)
Sense Target (name) : This only allows you to sense a specific target type on your scanners/sensors which results a +50 statpoints boost if only 1 target can be sensed.
Sense Target II : If you choose a second target to scan from your sensor/scanners then you lose the boost of Sense target I of +50 statpoints.
Action : How many actions can your character/unit make per round-off, max 2 , +1 is worth 50 statpoints and +10 max is worth 100,000 statpoints. (+50 gained if only 1)
Rate/Boost : Increases any stats selected, can only be used in nations/factions.
Target (name) : If you choose a specific target type then the unit has +50 statpoints which can be used regardless of terms
Target II (name) : If you choose a second target type then you lose the +50 statpoints
Guard/Turret, Gate/Wall, Garrison/Equip, Carry/Immunity (name) : A unit with this stat loses -50% statpoints total but it can be the only target first before other targets without this stat which can be attached to it first. The total does not affect boosts. (declared number not required, just display the reduction (50% of statpoints lost) in any way that you’ve chosen.
Faction/Nation : +50 statpoint max for nations only, gain +50 more if your nation boosts has an weakness.
Roundoff/Lifespawn : Will die on a set roundoff (number). (gain +100 statpoints, loses 10 of it’s boosts per +1 lifespawn if above +1)
Uses/Ability : Will be unusable on set number (number). (gain +100 statpoints, loses 10 of it’s boosts per +1 uses/ability if above +1)

Name/Description Boosts : Increases statpoints based on the names of the unit/structure which doesn’t affect default stats of an archived contributed unless stated in stats. Selecting 2 will lose the boosts, feel free to make your own here to have them approved.

Assault : Gain + 25 speed/armor but gain +1 max combo/stealth, Combat : Gain +, Jammer : Gain 100 jammer and 100 sensor but damage/speed is at max 17 while extent is at max 3, Stealth : 100 stealth but lose 50 statpoints, Thermal Goggle/Scanner : Gain + 150 (sense surface targets) but lose 50 statpoints, (Ruler type) Gain , Dr./(Scientist) : Gain + 50 progress (specified stat) increasing it with special casings + ‘amount success rate’, (Saboteur/Assassin) : Gain a specialist stats sabotage (specified stat) reducing the target’s stat by 50% but loses all +50 statpoint boosts are lost, Tank : Gain +60 tracers and 0% damage from all non-anti tank, non-RPG and tanks, Vehicle/Light : +144 wheel/tracers or feet/servos but loses +50 statpoints, Cyborg/Android : + 150 cloak & scanner but loses all +50 statpoints boosts, (Living category) gain +10 travel by feet, Weapon/Item : Equip +∞ and +∞ uses approved automatically but loses all +50 statpoint boosts.

Inspiration tips
Damage types : Physical/Psychological = Plasma/Impact, Thermal/Fire, Electrical/Energy, Vaporizer/Laser, Iron/Ceramic, Stone/Diamond, Steam/Frost, Flexible/Custom, Pattern/Formula, Chemical/Biological = Tonic/Serum, Antidote/Cure, Toxic/Corrosive, Evolution/Age, Strength/Force, Mass/Matter, Armor/Shield, Field/Radius, Plague/Contamination, Radiation/Radioactive, Virus/Infection,

Magic/Mythological = Chronology/Teleportation, Cursed/Taint, Blessed/Arcane, Empower/Imbue, Fiendish/Malice, Subterror/Underworld, Zombatic/Vamyrism,

Method/Plan = Scatter/Rapid, Semi/Shot, Spread/Contaminate, Pierce/Precision, Crush/Smash, Slash/Slice, Hack/Intercept, Bombard/Siege, Torture/Demise, Electrify/Shock, Destruction/Devastation, Demonstration/Show-off

Travel types = Air, land, sea, space and by magical/mythical.
Travel methods = wings/rotors, wheels/tracers, servos/feet, balloon/fan, engine/booster, propeller/cable.

Firing/Unit types = Cannon/Catapult, flak/grenade, bomb/shell, fusion/propulsion, reactor/cutter, matter/energy, outpost/factory, base/barracks, sphire/lair, sector/center, dungeon/chamber, vehicle/infantry, mech/tank, aircraft/hovercraft, prototype/invention,

No stats results
If you haven’t declared your tank’s stats then it’s treated with these statpoints that are displayed with these default tank stats.

Default Tank
Hitpoints : 100, Armor : 25, Damage : 2 (2x25 = 50), Cannon 25, Range : 25, Speed : 25
stealth : 1, sensor : 1, Travel by Tracer : 1 (205 stat points total)
(Destroyed in a draw vs default tank in 4 shots)

Here’s a shortcut link.

Extra TIP
The commas tells/for separation, the strikes / are for optional, and the braces () are for mathematical display/indication.
You can also host special pvp/event rooms for your own chamber/sector fun without limitations, the charts of progress of kills/experience must display the members/guests of your channel.


Stats/Boosts approval now available.

Hitpoints : 285
Extent : 40
Damage : 25
Combo : 5
Dodge : 2
Ammo : 13
Cannon/Power : 5
Armor (type/optionable) : 15 (exp)
Plates (type : 40
Speed : 12
Range : 18
Mortar/Howitzer : 2
Damage type : explosion damage
Stealth : 13
Cloak : 10
Sensor : 15
Jammer : yes
Scanner : yes
Weakness : water
Target (name) : all
Target II (name) : all
Faction/Immunity (name) : none

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Yes counts as value 1 for Jammer and Scanner, Weakness gives water could be ocean instead but that’s aproved.
You’ve used 502 statpoints in total which could be aproved as a hero/main character/unit if you want.
You’ve never mentioned tank name though.
You can submit it here since it’s aproved but you’ll need to put up tank image and tank name up too.
In my format it looks like this to me though, but it won’t be approved as any lesser than hero, sorry.
(exp stands for explosion I guess, but you can leave it empty and it will be treated as ‘all’)
I’m removing ammo and adding it combo which will only be treated as combo again if displayed, sorry.
Untitled Medium Tank

(Turret Don’t enter the lable turret/body. delete these)
Damage : 25 (13x5x5x25=8125), Combo : 5(+13 from beta), Power : 5, Range : 18(2x18=324), Howitzer : 2,
(Body Don’t enter the lable turret/body, this is only an example to show you. delete these)
Hitpoints : 285 (40x285=11,400), Armor : 15 (15x40=600), Plates : 40, Speed : 12,
Stealth : 13 (10x13=130), Cloak : 10, Jammer : 1, Sensor : 15 (1x15=15, Scanner : 1
Target (specified): all, Target (specified): all
//Description : This tank has 40 armor plates, 1 numeral for amplifiers doesn’t do anything though.
You can do this in any format that you choose, so as long as I understand you.
x1 does nothing. Thanks to your suggestions there will be new updates.

The commas tells/for separation, the strikes / are for optional, and the braces () are for mathematical display/indication.

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You might want to dipslay the statpoints behind the vehicle like i do here.
And also, are you sure you want to use those stats on your tank? It’s even lower than a hero based tank.

Your tank maybe aproved, all you need is to add the [quote=“Dr.Kran, post:4, topic:8530”]
(502 statpoints total) behind or under your tank’s stats, some matches only allow tanks with max 250 statpoints.

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Game has been updated, if you see any exploits you can always suggest changes.
Weakness extent is now max/min 50 and gives you 50 statpoints.
New constructing now available.
All stats are now organized.
Hero/Main characters/structures are now balanced.
The only way to own/make a nation/faction is by a hero/main character/structure which gets a map boost.

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ok i will work on heroes and reduce stats for my tank (hit points = 245). I will name it “Sgt Slaughter”