Tank Phys mech concept (Claw)


Things you would need :
1: Seraph Blade
2: Nightfall
3: Night eagle
4: Claw ( Duh ! )
5: Any torsos with a great HP or heat , Windigo or Zarkares highly recommended
6: Untility items ( even better with legacy untilities with double uses )
7: Packs alot of heat and HP
8: Perhaps a desert fury if you had plat plates ot spare out about 30 weight for it

Pro :

  • Have ALOT OF HP , best to counter dual corrupt lights or dual anniliation mechs
  • Counter ALL physicals except if the enemy had the same mech as you
  • Seraph + Stomp from claw’s damage is devastating
  • If you had plat plates , desert fury is highly usefull and recommended for it’s long range , drain and light weight

Con :
-You are screwed if the opponent trap you in a corner with all your untility items used , but thanks to your HP , BUT you still can let the drone peck their HP turn by turn and force them to use all of their items on you like magmas , Desolations as your HP is huge
-Needless to say , energy mechs with HP slightly above 1500 will anniliate you to pieces


I have hp slightly above 1500 so I’m safe. yay


Just remember that they can have this as jugger naught tanker at the front and the energy boosted dual nightfall later , they can defeat you if they know the right move


also can add an annihation is great


Tried it , too heavy



After many tests (with mighty canon, nightfall, annihilation, seraph, desert furys etc) some good consulting with rock star advisor @El_Metre, thats the result; all utilities equiped. This boi wrecks electricians with 2000+hp. Well, it wrecks pretty much anything.


well…the leg at max myth weight is 169 , so that means you gonna be 6kg over the limit but if you had legacy HP plates , it should be good , but in this case i would ditch the energy modules as your HP is too skimpy


The only problem is that not all players had the L-M items required , same problem again


True, as you mentioned some l-m (seraph and desert fury… ), sorry for that. For non premium items, annihilation + nightfall + night eagle works good. Legs beeing a high hit weapon on its own.


I also noticed one of canopy’s build.

Reckless beam

It covers the entire arena


Yes, this thing is a beast. And i think hes using additional plating on it. 2300ish hp if im correct.



Note canopy doesnt have myth plates. He’s a f2p


So hell probably have hard time vs electricians. Hell waste phys and heat alike easy on another hand…


again , remember that , this thing’s only weakness is they are too fat to move , kinda suprising that this monster of a weapon’s weakness is a repulser , trick them into using all their untilities and they are done fore


Imagine a max myth Avenger with a max myth Claw and 8 platinum platings. The health would be astronomical.


This thing would be dead meat to a Boiler Heat.


Electric resistance module is worthless lmao


But it would take years to kill.


Yup. Switched it to heat engine