Taking a break from this game


Honestly, I’ve been bored from this game. The game is repetitive, blatant, and no fun at all. I’m not saying that the admins or devs haven’t done a great job like their effort spent in the new UI which is way more awful too be honest in my opinion.

I like the new features they added like the Daily Quests which is quite good and the new forums ( or anti spamley forums )
but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gonna notice our complaints.

-Color Kits
-Game breaking overpowered items

  1. Color kits are gonna be reintroduced in future updates
    When?? There has been already like 3 updates and there’s still none like why?

  2. Workshop
    -No Response-

  3. Game Breaking Op Items
    Does it really take so much time to simply take a lookout on the items that you’ve buffed SO greatly?

  4. Bugs
    I appreciate it if they’re taking notice of it.

The one that I mostly I don’t understand is that why don’t they say quickly on our complaints and requests like “hey, we’re working on it” or “sorry but we’re busy” but NO they just kept their mouths shut. Also, why didn’t they just said that they’re making new updates on a surprise and yet keep ignoring us?

My question:
When is action gonna take to fix all of these issues?

I think I’m not even gonna return because I’m bored of the game. It seems like nothings gonna change anyways.

I’m not saying I didn’t appreciated your work admins on the new updates like this new forum but it’s just already long enough and I can’t keep up my patience waiting.


At least you can walk from sm whenever you please… :unamused: Stupid bd


You are right… I’m starting to get tired of this too.