Taking a break from the tacticsoft

I honestly feel like people really don’t care about my content. Or what I have put up recently. When I first came here, I felt all welcome and all, and the occasional hate comments that I liked to watch Ssundee. Now? I just feel ignored. The fact that I come up with an idea… then everyone else just goes and look at it, but don’t care. Then someone else comes up with the same idea, and that someone would be forum famous. Everyone would look at them. Some people just ignore me because i’m only a rank 8 and 7. I just feel cast aside. As if i’m not one that is worth being around, or just a guy that fools around, or just plain annoying. So, i’m taking a break from the Super Mechs Tacticsoft. I’m still going into the super mechs game. But i’m not going to be on a whole lot. And like I said, I just feel cast aside. Ideas I come up with everyone ignores, but if someone else does it they pay attention. To name. I came up with the sprite tournament. Only received a few views, but no one posted. Then when KilliN did it, people posted up their sprites, and I did too. But I have said that the idea was similar to what I made. So, go ahead. I don’t care anymore. People who don’t care for all I did to try and make it fun for everyone, all that hard work I did. I just feel hollow. As if death itself is scooping up my soul. And I know I just got a bit emotional there, but. Just for the big point. I’m taking a break from Tacticsoft. I’m not going to be on a lot from today up to probably 3 weeks.

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Hey man, sorry to hear that. I hope I didn’t treat you - or anyone - that way, and I hope that this break helps you recover. Good luck on SM, and hopefully things will be better if and when you come back. :wave:


Yeh, my opinion is completely same as magicmech20’s opinion.

Yeh.They really worked hard on this

This need’s to be off topic

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Sorry to hear it. I like reading your stuff.


And, to be honest, I agree with what you wrote:

Honestly, I did notice that.

See you then! (in 3 weeks)

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am i obligated to throw a pity party

just because someone doesn’t give an explicit response to you doesn’t mean that you’re being ignored. if you look positively, they might’ve been inspired on your ideas and developed them more for you.


I also agree with magicmech20 on this i personally think that most of your stuff is very good. I hope that when you come back that you are not treated like this.

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You’re not being ignored. Just as @trophy435 said, just because people don’t reply doesn’t mean you’re being ignored. And sometimes people DO ignore you because of posts like this.

Okay, you lost one of your accounts. So what? You don’t have to go around everywhere on the forums and announcing it to literally everyone.

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I’m gonna be blunt.
Have you ever thought of what kind of reputation you made in here?
Think again.

Sure,maybe some of your posts are boring…So are mine!
And sometimes you write some super amazing shit,put time and thinking effort into it and it gets ignored or not as appreciated as you would expect…So do I!
So what?
Am I gonna feel tossed aside?
No,what the hell!

Dude,at least you always kept an attitude and I’ve never seen you act rude or cocky around with anyone.
And I think that the way you keep cool all the time is respectable.
Even I lose myself sometimes,bro…

If your idea isn’t as liked as you might think it should be then that’s okay.
Move on,no reason to feel down 'bout it.

So what if you’re rank 7-8?
When I joined the forum I was at most rank 10 and I had experience for a century.
Yeah…So what?

Dude,just be yourself.
I,for one,also respect that.


thats a perfect example of what i feel bruh you just like me some times but @WinzKay @L4K3 and some other people helped me feel better

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Nope,we only gave you a little push.
You did everything by yourself,congrats :wink:

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well still yet you guys help me

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last thing you have every one on here to try and help you feel better

Exactly he said…I am truly sorry if I treated you like that