Tactisoft doesn't deserve so much hate

I don’t know why but everyone is hating on tacticsoft why? Because they aren’t literally spoon feeding them with myths.
"Tactisoft are greedy and they only make us grind because they want money"
i don’t know why everyone thinks trying to make a profit is wrong like this is a free to play game the devs gotta make something out of a game.

no, i wasn't paid tokens for this


Have you played prior to Reloaded?

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yes, on a old account

And i know someone is gonna say that before reloaded they used to give out free gold and silver boxes but to be fair if anything you said be thankful for that

Your about to be converged on by an army of angry people, prepare yourself…

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They destroyed years and years of hard work, and didnt give anything back in return. They were like, “Here, have a new update no one wanted! Also, screw your old items, you don’t need them!”

Oh and also, they constantly change the drop rates of boxes and rig them.

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Yea, some people spent thousands of dollars on the game, but then when reloaded was released, there items became useless and they got NO compensation. There was no: Here, since you paid 2000 dollars, have an extra 2k tokens as compensation. ALl their money was wasted

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TS’s negligence is proverbial at this time. They don´t respond to reports, we don´t know if they have done with the Russian group that sells accounts and with those who buy.

Everything is a mystery and the game continues with the same imbalances and the same cheaters as always.

It really is not hatred, it´s only disappointment, for negligence, for not responding to reports, for not seeking a solution to imbalances, for allowing tricks and tricksters in the game, for hiding, for sweeping under of the carpet.


No words… when an image say more of 100 words waht do you think about?

because spending 2000 dollars on video game microtransactions is a good idea what kind of logic is this everyone’s losing themself because they lost hundreds of dollars which is a lot but you gotta remember this is your money you willingly spent everyone’s hating like tactisoft was like
"ill give you tokens as well mate*

Its not your buiness who spent money on what, its there money, they can spend, and companies are liable to make sure the money their consumers pay is being properly valued and that the consumers are getting what they pay for, how much people spent or for what type of thing they put money into does not make a difference, and it is closed minded to think that it does make a difference

I have another opinion about old Sm. There were a lot of useless weapons, top clan were always more strong due to mythical rewards, good only for them. Without the trending items you were noob. Now you can build a decent mech for free and it’s better

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Think this is bad? Wait till you see those triple A games made by ea are like

The community:
before reloaded
after reloaded

What i see


I have always said … united there is a better chance to do something good.
But we can’t…to bussy beeing top of the sheet, and race for trinkets.


Play Farmville :exclamation:



what do you propose?

Although the question is not for me … I propose to join us. But really unite! Without hypocrisy.

At this moment there is a top clan that has 4 cheaters in their members. So … how can we unite if there are at least 20 players who are supporting these thieves?

My question is :
What exactly do we want?
Do we want a clean and fair game?
Do we want the devs to actualy listen to us?
Do we want the cheaters/hackers out?
Cause we need to settle for what we want first, then we can do something about it.


We want mythical hp plates for free

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