Tactisoft and Battledawn

SM player here. Just wondering, do people in the BD forums hate tactisoft as much as in the SM forums?


No we don’t, because BD was not ruined by TS thanks to the great devs it had , and you needed to Pay ONLY if you wanted to… an F2P player can easily outplay a P2w player unless it’s Iceman or maybe PLO who spends 10k $$ a month lol

The only reason BD is not popular is because of the activity it needs, other than that I can’t find any flaw in the Game, Its the longest game I played in my life lol


They have both been beaten before by non-boosters.


Nop. Most of us love the dev team of BD (Alexander <3). Our dev team is doing a great job. Issues pop up once in awhile, but he is working on it. Im both SM and BD and i understand full well why people hate SM dev team so much. (Im currently not playing either due to irl circumstances and when i do come back im only gonna be playing BD)


I would really like to play it, started the tutorial but when I tried to register, it kept calling my email invalid. Idk what to do.

You don’t need to register again if you have an SM account, you can Log in via the same account you use for SM

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