Tacticsoft - what is going on?

Hallo @Sarah247, @Mohadib, @Taloki !

Are you serious ???

The new version Supermechs-reloaded has serious issues - I still have 2700 items and NO GOLD to boost them away even I play 24/7 !

And what I see is an “update” …

  • Ranking shows now 2 times wins !
  • Ranking shows now NO losses anymore
  • user-names are now small, if you have a long user-name, in chat list !?!?

WE need solutions about the 2 real MAIN problems …

  • eliminate ALL cheated accounts
  • a solution for YOUR new SM-realoded

AND NOT new cosmetic / design changes, which (in my opinoin) - looking horrible !



What is your inventory limit ?

It’s 100 items for level 30 i think?

Next update… a brand new battle button design!.. and a “news news” page to go along with it.


I’m still waiting for the additional colour kits…


LOL, can’t wait to see 250 tokens for a single use black color kit :smiley:


I do find it quote humorous, and somewhat worrisome, that they rushed out this update that:

  1. Doesn’t seem to fix anything (my mech slots 4 5 and 6 are still locked, I still cant color items that want to be transformed such as a level 40 legendary)
  2. Adds new problems (see original post)
  3. Has no patch notes
  4. Doesn’t address the most critical problems, including the one with the timer ticking away to disaster for people with too many items and not enough gold to fuse it all.
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I just got -209 (!!!) energy from a new “energy spray” !

Is that a joke or he hacked ?


Is that the new mythic quality blue flamethrower? I think it is. Just as outrageous as the new mythic quality red flamethrower if so.

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yes that one, BUT I thought max minus energy is something with -165 for that weapon.

the top weapon does -189, 2 uses that i know.

BUT 3 times - 209 ???

Yup that’s the one. 3 times use indeed. :slight_smile:
And naturally it’s a legendary/mythic only item. No farming for it, only premium boxes can cough it up.

They knew what they were doing making items like that, making them legendary/mythics only… chasing after the almighty dollar.


It seems to me something of fools, that in campaign big boy owns 20 boxes in the end to give the same thing, because they stop that nonsense and put 3 boxes
1 with xp
2 tokens
3 weapons

And thus they leave that illusion silly, in addition to lost of time to think that in the boxes there will be luck, all the boxes give the same amount of gold, then for the clown to put 10 boxes of 100 put 1 of 1000 and matter solved. … every day tactisoft is getting big game … I think users and the game itself exceeded and is out of their control, the only changes that are good is to increase the costs to generate greater profits, But to improve the game version after version “that will never happen”

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@Sarah247, @Mohadib, @Taloki !

  • Ranking shows now 2 times wins !

  • Ranking shows now NO losses anymore

  • user-names are now small, if you have a long user-name, in chat list !?!?

Can you please fix this issues, which came with a new update ?

First 2 points would be great to fix, we need that infos (losses) FOR GAMEPLAY !!!

3rd point is a thing of taste, I liked the old style (long names were just cutted much much better, then to have 7 or more different letter-heights


SM to buy colours will be nice

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You can actually farm the campaign for legends, got a terrorblade of out the box once…

I admit, I noticed this too. Only started after the update though.

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One of the last updates was an UI update :joy: *INTERNAL SCREAMING INTENSIFIES*


SM is getting better and better everyday i see Obvious Irony intended

So better that it made Navy laugh

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