TACTICSOFT I need More Money and Items!

@Merciful It took me and my brother many months to collect that much. Were supersonuc much much more generous to give more token. It was prior two month of economy update. But that account is deactivated now, Back to square 1. As i remember 5k supporter tokens i had in it.

I am in desperate need of more money and Items. oh, and I have been earning those league boxes, and each time I didn’t have enough room and it wasn’t put in the unclaimed boxes section in the shop.

So do i but i had 79 Tokens and currently have 500K gold
Just farm BB or when a gold rush appears,play that on mobile cause on the PC it gives out so little yet on mobile gives you like 80k on hard on the first completion

I really need more Items!

farming system is trash, but at least u can farm
if u need gold go and torture BB
if u need items kill ramboy to farm fortune boxes
easy as pie
if u also add all the portals bonuses and league bonus, i dont see why u complain

That’s accurate on what i do to it
god -54 Resis until it dies