TACTICSOFT I need More Money and Items!


We should be able to get Tokens, and money a whole lot easier! MAKE IT A LITTLE EASIER!!!


Just complete the daily challenge every day, you can make 10T a day and 300+T a month, also you can watch videos to get 2 Tokens each time


what video’s? what do you mean?


You have that offer on the mobile app, in the Buy Tokens tab, to watch an ad and get free tokens


I play Super Mechs on a computer.


I don’t think it’s there on PC,. On mobile you can watch ads to get premium account reward in matches and also free tokens


What about on a computer?


No , I don’t think you can, there was the supersonic offer or something earlier im not sure if it’s still there


where is it, do you know?


If it’s there it should be in the Buy Tokens tab


where is the Buy tokens tab?


Click on the red - T - button on the top of the screen when you r in the workshop. Then check if there is any free tokens option


There aren’t any free tokens options, but there are More Options.


Maybe they don’t have that offer anymore


Actually, there is one but it says it doesn’t have anymore videos’.:rage:


Ohh…maybe it will refresh later, I usually have jt after watching 3-4 videos a day


I use mobile app get 30 token every day by watching ads + 10T daily task. Desktop version supersonic shows no offer 0 as always.


TeeHee, it just doesn’t like you anymore you pissed it off by calling it names.


Yeah super sonic doesn’t like me anymore, before economy update i had extracted 25k token out of it. Now No more free juice.


25k from super Sonic? I never used to get any offer :confused: