Tacticsoft changed their website logo


So today i went to my bookmarks bar on google chrome opened one of the folder and clicked on Tacticsoft tab but before i did and stopped and looked at the new logo… image -_- rlly? it now looks like a messaging website and not something from tackticsoft. What do you guys think of it?

  • I like the new logo
  • I dont like the new logo
  • Change the logo a bit (write in comment why)

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… I see not much different


image vs image you dont see a difference?
? how one looks like the instagram camera thing and the other one looks like a message from an iphone


Umm… totally no :slight_smile:


What r u talking about?they just change the little sheg on the tabs thingy…not their logo
Fvck me…i read something wrong again


thats what i said


First of all:
The word is “their” not “thier”.

Did you not notice before that the forum also changes the logo automatically when you scroll down in a thread?

It changes from red colored to white colored and the lettering changes from next to the lower square to below the squares:


You could fix it on your own… oh wait, you haven’t got regular xD

And that’s something I’ve noticed while browsing forum on mobile, a bit annoying if you’d ask me


no they didn’t :)

It’s just a bloody icon

which isn’t even working



it’s incredible how the smallest and most irrelevant stuff becomes a storm here


I don’t like it , but who cares ?! , it’s just a logo , stop complaining about everything ( talking to all the community of this game including me )


that’s us



Wow you’re a regular? I bet you get all the women.