Tacticsoft account glitch

so, i have been experiencing something odd. whenever i look at a specific site i.e
i get logged out of tacticsoft. why?

i dont know very weird

did it happen to you?

community.tacticsoft.net and tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net are actually 2 separate domains of the same site. You are most likely logging into the community site and so when you click a link that uses the other domain, it considers you not logged in. I find it weird but I am sure @Alexander has a good explanation for why discourse has our forums like this.

Edit: the tacticsoft site is https while the other is not. Never noticed that before.

You can use the same login details on the other linked site as well.


no i dont think so but many weird things have been happening lately

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ok im going to go in again. see if it happens

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okay it just kicked me out again but this time it didn’t accept my password :cry: so i had to go and reset it :clock930: why