Tactical View Toggle


Anyone else spend all their time zoomed out as far as possible between that amazingly informative view with all the helpful symbols and the rather cough useless squary full zoom out? Ever want to see stuff closer, but the symbols suddenly change into a graphical representation without the nice colours and clear symbols of mid view? Well You Are Not Alone!

Basically I propose a toggle which allows you to have “tactical view” as I call it (or the middle view) on permanently, so when you zoom out you can gain a greater appreciation for the strategic situation, and when you zoom in everything is clear and crisp even in the most hectic circumstances. This isn’t to say I don’t like the graphics, but the clear and simple Arrows, and the different shapes for OP types and colours etc really make middle zoom my favourite and spending time to toggle zoom so I can get to the maximum allowed tactical view is a bit annoying.

  • Aye, give us a Tactical View toggle!
  • Nay, the system is fine as it is!

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First comment ever on the BD world, I likeview toggle


I like this idea :slight_smile: I hope this gets passed for the next update. Would be very useful


Oh yes, I’d love this. Also, perhaps a button to do the max zoom-out, if you know what I mean. I sometimes spend a lot of time trying to get the zoom just right so I have as much of an overview as possible :smiley:


I love this idea! I hope it gets implemented