Tactical Riot - Now Recruiting!


Hello, if you’re feeling like joining a clan, don’t waste any more time and join Tactical Riot! :smiley:

So obviously there’ll be requirements in order to join the clan:

  1. Should be a Black Skull
  2. Can be in the top 400
  3. Can maintain a decent win/lose ratio
  4. An able mech build
  5. Active

To determine if you’re active or not, you shouldn’t be offline for more than 3 days. If you’re offline for 3 days, you’ll get kicked. But if you came back, you may re-join the clan.

So yes, since many players wants a clan with many members, join now! So it can grow and attract more players. :slight_smile:

If interested, please do send me a PM with a screenshot of your stats, mechs, etc.

Thank you!