T4hm1d Gaming YT's intro

Hi guys,

My game username is T4hm1d Gaming YT. If you wonder why I put on the title “YT”, it’s coz I have a new YT account and will make vids, I had 3 accounts but have now 2 :frowning: (I lost my ultimate Level 75). I like mech games so I found this game. I hope we will be friends. My current stats are:

  1. 2 legendary items (meh, I had 8 on my main one)
  2. 3 mechs (for clan war when I will reach level 50)
  3. mostly all my items are epic

I am looking for a clan.


please save yourself the time and leave this game. if you dont know already in the past couple years the games been going to shit. not because of players because of devs. just please dont waste your time like the rest of us

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Wait, you re not supposed to say that we already low on players.

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i wonder why. but still please do not waste your time or money here

Depends on your viewpoint, and how much money you have of course.

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I play SuperMechs just for fun. I do not spend any money. I spend them on other games

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i have never seen a clan that have players like t4hm1d that can join any clan wars…