T-850, from the future


Hello humans and machines!

I come from the future and I crossed the time to land on the SuperMechs’ planet, on March 14 of this year.
I hope you will be nifty to me otherwise… I call a T-X to teach you good manners (it worked for me).

Hasta la vista, baby.


EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf

welcome to the forums!are you a newbie in-game?lol


Wecome to the forums…

But are you copying Terrorizer?


Thank you, I started the game just a month ago.

What is that ?


welcome to the forums m8!


Oh just a reference lol

Hope you enjoy the forums


Nice to meet you @T-850,

Welcome to the Forums!!


Thanks all :grinning:

I read the forum a bit and the energy mechs look very popular, I think I’m going to build one or two for Arena.


I don’t know many energy players in the forums… maybe I keep missing them but I know I am one of them including @Pleasurebot3000


you are welcome @T-850 I also come from a very distant future I come from the year 6053 good luck in the forum the people of 2018 is very rare… :sunglasses: [Message finished …]


Is there a french community on this forum / game?
(I could see only 1 or 2 French in the players ranking list in Arena League.)


I like you already…welcome!


Welcome to the forum.
Let me introduce myself
I’m T-1000


Welcome dude. No french section, but some french/french speaking guys around. Myself being one.
Let people know around here if you need anything.


Ello…how are you mate?


Now that’s a way to introduce yourself!
That was pretty cool.

Anyways,you all know what I have to do in this case;

Welcome to the forum!
In this virtual place you’ll find a lot of answers,learn many SM-related and non-related things,meet new and amazing people and have a lot of fun.
I hope we get along.
Good luck on your journey (and I hope you can give us a little hint about what destruction comes from the future that made you go back)!

Another one has joined our ranks!


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome, Skynet is still operating


Fine thank you, I’ve earned lots of badges in a very short time! :star_struck:

Someone has changed my title for a more adequate (and probably less tendentious) one.


I’m not supposed to talk about it but you seem to be a trustworthy person so… Judgment Day begins as supermarkets run out of Coca-Cola and the shortage is starting in France already!

About that, I have created a clan – Cyberdyne Systems. If someone is interrested to join me (to earn boxes every week) feel free to request (I will make a dedicated topic later).


Wait…i just realised…
That you are fan of terminator…
Lol nice,i love that movie.