Swords have been buffed!


So having to pack 6 energy engines to counter EMP is “the right setting of energy and heat modules”?

So I assume then, that we can expect an EMP nerf based on the same logic?

I would be interested in what you have to say in this regard.

Energy and heat are vastly different in dynamics. You cannot treat them the same, as has been done with EMP and Heat Bomb. I only need 3 heat engines to counter heat bomb, but 6 energy engines for EMP. If you don’t want to nerf energy in general, then at least give us appropriate modules to counter. Energy and Heat modules should never have had equal stats.

Thanks in advance.


EMP need to be nerf now. This weapon is out of control.


If we’re being factual here. Seraph’s old Drain was 10. Not Nine, do you guys check stats before buffing/nerfing at all?

Like comon, there’s a good three/four threads here showing you most up to date stats.

idk why I pointed this out. Just feels like ignorance on their part. (Devs).


Buff Seraph back plz

Praise the Big Boi, the fortune box master


Big BOI’s Fortune boxes have these chances

Insane mode

9% Legendaries in the new update, back then 15%


are there any proof of this?


Yes, from where you have these numbers :interrobang:



Don’t ask.


Why not :question:
And if it is not for public, send me a pm :exclamation:



@Mohadib @Sarah247

when will you release the new design for backbreaker? (The same look of stormweaver was pretty cool)

thank you for info!:slight_smile:


It’s been reverted to avoid people abusing the duplication glitch that occurred a few days ago.

It’ll be back once the next update goes live. (Most likely soon with the new hammers portal I believe).