Swords have been buffed!


Buff Seraph back plz

Praise the Big Boi, the fortune box master


Big BOI’s Fortune boxes have these chances

Insane mode

9% Legendaries in the new update, back then 15%


are there any proof of this?


Yes, from where you have these numbers :interrobang:



Don’t ask.


Why not :question:
And if it is not for public, send me a pm :exclamation:



@Mohadib @Sarah247

when will you release the new design for backbreaker? (The same look of stormweaver was pretty cool)

thank you for info!:slight_smile:


It’s been reverted to avoid people abusing the duplication glitch that occurred a few days ago.

It’ll be back once the next update goes live. (Most likely soon with the new hammers portal I believe).