Swords have been buffed!


Oh no, don’t get me wrong about the myth fod part. I actually while typing that, thought back to I believe it was Wep’s comment on a different topic when she said that.

(it’s not a waste for me, I still used it regardless. Just wished it had a more decent buff).

It’s still an amazing sword, hell it’s what I used on my old hybrid from ranks 5-2 (1v1/2v2).

I just wish for the devs to rethink this re-nerf to it. (personally btw I did always find hitting 656 dmg a few turns to be stupidly OP).


lol the buff is add two resist drain to sereph


Res drain with Seraph wasn’t bad at 10 tbh. 12 is pretty nice for it.

but back to my main point

Not too OP a buff. But not such an insignificant buff.

am I making sense? idk it’s 5am and I’m just rambling at this point


The damage seemed too high and too difficult to counter with the right setting of energy and heat modules.
Physical resistance drain was not reverted and is still 12 instead of 9.

EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf

Well, thanks for the feedback, always good to read the devs here.
Now that you talk about “impossible to counter with the right heat and energy set up”, meaning “to counter it youd need to fullfil your slots with plates”.

So, atm, to counter energy builds, physical or heat user alike need to literally fullfil their slots with energy engines (6 is the right figure); so pretty impossible to counter with “the right setting of heat and energy” (you can also add hp and res here) its now a fantasy.
You adressed it for seraph? Are you gonna adress this as well?



@SilverBox What he said ^^^

20 saids


I share the same thought!

(I ran outta likes so I’ll express my agreement through a message instead of a heart).



That’s not entirely accurate. Both phys and heat are capable of using energy free or low energy builds. For energy to be capable of beating a mid-to-high HP phys, they have to give up some of their own energy, making them likely to be beaten by other energy. Likewise, for energy to beat a good heater, the same sacrifice occurs.

We’re beyond the day of well rounded builds. If that day were ever truly a thing, it began its slow death when 1v1 died. Everyone has to build 3 mechs, each able to compete with two of the three classes. It also seems like this is becoming harder and harder to do when restricting your own 3 mechs to a single class.

Since the introduction of the claw, phys flooded the top ranks. A few more “tweaks” to the game, and its starting to look like the top ranks will be for those who have built at least 2 of the 3 classes. Looking back at past comments, it seems like this is exactly the direction intended by the devs.


I am going to die reading this entire topic now


Well i dont know your rank, but you are not going to win vs a good electrician running after him to shoot annihilation or mercy. The only way to fight is to have a cap above 800 and to shoot until drain happens (now at turn 2 it can be the case even with this cap) Then hook/charge + energy free shooter.

I agree with you on the well roundes unicorn. Before emp you could get quite close tho. I was running 2 excellent rounders. Cannot anymore.
Wait a few seasons and youll see that to face bunker, emp, ash, vaillant, windforge dual line ups, you will need 2 specialized builds (btw, for them a cap of 650ish would be enough).

“We have to build 3 mechs, one of each type”. I dont completely agree, you need to have a counter line up. One anti phys anti energy, one anti phys anti heat and one as rounded as possible. May they be of the same type or not doest affect much (your anti energy anti phys could be a 100% energy free heater, a pure electrician, or a phys with 850+ energy cap)…

Yes also, all in all, introduction of last items is to force people using counter builds, hence living space to luck while picking up, hence keeping the ranks in motion (100% intended by the devs)


Ps: i dont completely agree with your angles, nevertheless i apprexiate them a lot and find them very constructiv


I’m in rank 1 and fight you and all the same people you fight. Right now I have 3 energy mech, but have played phys and can put a couple of decent ones together.

I think we tend to remember best the things things that have caused us the most pain. You remember chasing a “good” electrician. I remember running from a “good” phys or getting shutdown by “good” heaters.

The energy mech that has enough HP to beat you, it is only with his counter build. That build will get beaten by other energy and likely require no mistakes and some fortunate RNG to beat a good heater. It is exactly the effect you’re seeing from the phys perspective where building to beat his counter leaves you exposed to stuff that wasn’t a problem before.

Without 3 claws, a full arsenal of resists and a few plat plates (which may not be a problem for you but is for most of us), I don’t think we’re going to see many who are able to stay committed to a single class. I think the minimum requirement will be 2 or at least one of the builds with mixed weaponry.

Likewise, I don’t always agree with you, but I do appreciate you.

P.S. Against a good energy mech, having energy in the high 500’s to low 600’s works. They (I) may drain you, but keeping you drained is another story. In the meantime, charge, hook, mercy, Claw stomp, anni… these do a solid amount of damage. It’s not a runaway victory by any means. I say this from the draining side of the battle. Again, without a plat plate and a resist (both are needed), energy is only going to win about 1/3 to 1/4 of the time.


Oh, nice, whats your ign if i may?

Very true, especially for a physisist.

500s to 600s energy cap to get an electrician? This time is gone mate. It means 4 engines…

I started mixing up equipment. Mounted an emp on one of the builds. Does marvels.

Well, once again very nice insights mate.


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O mate, absolutely.
Its always a pleasure to get a battle with you, youre a gentleman never raging, much apreciated.
Also good builds, pity you dont have the hp your strategy skills deserve.


Apologies, yo_yo. Topic drifted towards whether or not buffs were needed. While not directly related to the sword, the spirit of the conversation wasn’t so far off.


It’s fine.
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(Apologies again yo-yo, last one I promise). Thanks, buddy. I think highly of you as well. It can be frustrating to not have higher HP, but it does force one to be more thoughtful.


Damage is only that high when opponent is already drained. Also, those are both 1 use weapons. Also, it’s not easy to get a bunker. It is far easier to get anni or nightfall which have multiple uses and can easily be doing well over 400 damage by the second and third round. Mercy, which is harder to get, still has 3 uses and keeps right on firing after drain, for 400+ per turn.


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