Swords have been buffed!


oh my god i said it a lot of times its 13 damn it


I’m still against it but can’t tell you not to use a smurf build.
As long as you want,you can build whatever you like and as long as it works,it works.

But then again,I repeat,I’m still very against it,but I have to respect your choice.


Allow me to change it once more,then :slight_smile:


um okay getting off topic
it scared me the first time


I’m not God to know every post you’ve ever posted. WTF with the attitude? 13 …you are DEFINITELY A KID BY ANY DEFINITION.

Relax k


okay i just assumed you saw it


His smurf is of a different breed, and necessarily built that way to counter specific builds.

20 smurfs


Then what do you say about this:

I will delete the comments if anything.


Lol… cant you put somethin pinker :joy:


oh no its the mask you where when you bring people to the slaughter house every body run i am out got to go to bed


Right, let’s actualy nerf sorrow… it is not like it is any good with 140-200 dmg, Vs a 90+res mech, with 2600 hp…
And i also think it is too light, 71kg… come one, let’s make it 89 like redocking, that should solve it.

Sarcasm is my native language


It’s called RECKONING for God’s sake man.

20 reckonings


potatoes potatoes… who actualy gives a flying mule about it.


I see … it was a grammar mistake… right…not a spelling, but a Grammar one.
I call it how i feel like calling it, if it fits, it sits.
Somebody give this guy a Grammy, since he is with the Grammar Police.
Federal Bureau of Grammy Instigations.
Now back on the subject:
The Hm and Bright are still useless, due to the fact that on that range, there are better wepons, that do better.
Both are dependant on other premium items, to have sinergy.
And even with that sinergy, the result is in the best case decent.
Ex: Bringhtroar, with ash gens, the drain about 300 energy, and deal a combined dmg of 400, even against a drained oponent, the total dmg would be in the 700, sound good, but compair with 1 mercy and 1 anihil shot,or 2 anihil shots… that can hit about there is lucky rolls.
But in the big picture, the phis build in that range has 2400-2600 hp,while the energy mech has 1800-2000(very optimistic number), so in a direct trade, the energy mech will lose.
For a duel of a phis vs a phis, at that range, the result is even more devasteting, since Hm and Grimmy deal a combined dmg of maybe 450, almost half the potential of a mercy-anihil combo.
And the Heat mech has even less hp then the En mech, due to the fact he also needs to pack 2-3 energy modules, since his wepons need heat and energy to fire.
Even if we replace the mercy from equation with Seraph, the result is similar.
Seraph is an excelent wepon, always was.


Had to delete all off topic comment lest the barn hammer befall me.

20 hammers


No worries with off topic replies.

Unless you begin raging like I did the previous day. You’ll be fine from the ban hammer. (quite literally).

Also on top, after having rethought some things. I recall either Techno/Killin having posted some stats (that seemed more fair for seraph) somewhere in this topic.

If anything (and since I don’t want my Seraph to be useless, after maxing both out) I’d like the devs to consider their stat changes. Not too OP but OP enough to be useful without feeling like it’d be a waste of myth fod.

(if that makes any bloody sense at all).


Mate i dont get it. As it is now its of course less usefull as before. But the thing still hit as hard as nighfall. Aint exactly week… good sword.
Myth food? Arent you exagerating?
Buffed version could make you jump half a boundary i guess. As it is its still solid.


Oh no, don’t get me wrong about the myth fod part. I actually while typing that, thought back to I believe it was Wep’s comment on a different topic when she said that.

(it’s not a waste for me, I still used it regardless. Just wished it had a more decent buff).

It’s still an amazing sword, hell it’s what I used on my old hybrid from ranks 5-2 (1v1/2v2).

I just wish for the devs to rethink this re-nerf to it. (personally btw I did always find hitting 656 dmg a few turns to be stupidly OP).


lol the buff is add two resist drain to sereph


Res drain with Seraph wasn’t bad at 10 tbh. 12 is pretty nice for it.

but back to my main point

Not too OP a buff. But not such an insignificant buff.

am I making sense? idk it’s 5am and I’m just rambling at this point