Swords have been buffed!


Firat of all,you don’t have to say this 100 times in a thread.
Second of all,that drone can deal around 200 damage average (after a couple hits and drain).It needs to cost energy.


thats the 5th time i think its getting kind of irrtating


I agree with everything said above apart from sorrow.
It’s pretty light,energy-free,has unlimited uses,covers a blind spot and does as much heat damage as a CL.
I think Sorrow should stay as it is,but the rest definitely beed a buff,otherwise they’re rather useless and have almost no place.


The issue of USELESS ‘premium’ items is very bothersome. There are hardly any good phys ones. The game at least became fun with the Seraph buff, now useless again. It’s really boring to just keep firing Gatling guns all day. Heat and Energy have interesting items, but I got fed up with the pathetically underpowered and overweight heat weapons. I dislike energy so…

Anyway, I can’t understand the one extreme or the other approach to the game. Couldn’t they just have found a middle ground for Seraph buff?

The mind boggles!


off topic but what is sorrow i think i have not seen it yet :confused::confused:


It’s a damn ugly, useless, and overweight POS. Better you pretend it doesn’t exist.


These are top ranks concerns for sorrow.
Just check my replays vs @Rovolution . He used crimson/sorrow combo at range 2, double overheated me 3 times until crimson runs out of ammo and single overheated me many times. I finished him off cooling down plus drone.
I honestly didnt deserve this win, i have a myth savior with risiculous hp and his crimson and sorrow hits were barely scratching me…


and so you feel feelings for this guy so i never have those feelings for any random sm player i fight
i know you are feeling sad for him but just got to move on brah he will probably just still do it but things might turn out the best for him


why not, mix phys and heat or phys and energy you can easily win?

there is always a solution


He is not random, he is the best heat player in the game. He cant do anything to me, not because hes a bad builder (he is probably one of the bests), not because he plays bad (also one of the best startegists around), but because his weapons are severly under powered (and heavy AF).


no hybrids plus why mix just use a phy against a energy like me and just fight them and win


this is why i chose phy bulids also because i have good weapons for it
i take back the random part to

like upgrade kind or just max but not good


You really shouldnt lecture people. Gros is leader of a top clan and has ridiculous experience in this game and is an excellent player.
This anti smurf thing of yours is becoming ridiculous. This game is still about efficiency in arena. I have a smurf build myself, you gonna lecture me?

             the word killin gave me

i just dont like them and i am implying other people not to do it because i can beat them easy and so people dont make mistakes like other people
and i am not trying to start a fight okay


You are implying people shouldn’t use, not reccomending.


1st: Rovo is a top player (top 20), all his stuff is off course maxed. Sorrow barely tickles…
2nd: top ranked concerns are different, when a guy smurfs up, it is for a specific reason, not because “i only have this in inventory”. And most of the time its a killing. Believe me my smurf is a beast.


bah calls bruce willis, terminator, chuck norris, john rambo, they will give good advice LOL


No one cares

Then what’s the problem?

Lol. Clearly.


i really dont care to

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