Swords have been buffed!


There is plenty of maxed myth thread which hasn’t been updated. Im pretty sure we can find out.


I miss laughing my azz off whilst whacking poor bastids for 550-600 in arena :pensive:


It was the prenerf, beta version of it…and it was a heat sword.
Back then when anihil would hit 400, and bunkers 550, and charge and hook 350 ish…
And interceptor and nightmare were good torsos… etc etc.


Soo sephara was nerfed?


You might be right about that.
Anyway, in 17th of november its max damage was 376, same as now.


Yep, that is after nerf stats.
Pre nerf were from september till november… cant remember the exact date of the first nerf.
@Andernut might help us with it. Since you build both prenerf and post nerf excelent topic.


so it hurts its my weapon


In my opinion heron and bright are still useless
Nobody will destroy their builds for such a sword,and nobody will stay in ani range for making 200 dmg per hit
What do you think?

Maybe make heron energy free,and add a little more dmg,idk 50 maybe?


They are still useless, because they lack sinergy, and you get shreded fast by anih, mercy,claw stomp, nf(on high energy builds).
If you stay in that range with a phis, you lose the duel,due to them oitliving you now.


Decent heron

This build may be abel to face phys


Try it out… you will fall around 300 hp short of them.
And if redoking hit low… and it does 70% of the time…you can even get outdamaged/turn.
Amd you forget that phis drones hit 200+, while heat ones less then 150.
Ps: magma doesnt work.
And if you get against a dedicated counter, you die befofbyou overheat his 800 heat cap.


That s true,so those swords(bright and heron) are not worth it,just a waste of legendarys and gold


I found no use for them atm.
Close quarters heat/energy brawlers, remain in the legacy only version of this game.
Long gone are the days of dual lavasprays and heat axe build…


Heat and energt swords should be buffed further if you ask me… nobody is using them…they are still weak, and not worth the exposure to close range phis wepons.
Name a top 50 player that uses HM or Brightroar…


stop tagging Sarah for nothing important…


Maybe instead of giving seraph its old stats pre buff back, the minimum damage could be raised to the buffed level it had before.
Would make it more reliable than annihilation and a useful alternative as a sidearm. As I understand the rng for annihilation is pretty bad.


dude, nerfing Heron and the other one is not needed, that’s just you whining about it cause your a phy mech, plus void has a energy cost for a reason
and for your info i use phy just as much as heat and soon energy so im not telling you to stop doing this because of favoritism or anything like that


dude i agree with the nerfing of energy in general, but heat has the biggest disadvantage, this is just you wanting to have a way bigger advantage on not just heat (cause it’s the worst class to be even though im one lol) but also energy because right now both Heron and the electric sword are trash, and now you just want the to be even lower than that just because seraph got nerfed smh


dude phy drones have an energy cost because as you may (or may not) have realized most other phy items also have not just a heat cost, but a electric cost
why? because out of all the 3 elements phy can naturally cause more damage than electric (when not drained) and heat mechs, and with the new buffs they can do 800+ damage in 2 turns… that’s why they keep a energy cost
having a energy free phy drone would be nice but i’d sawy why not just make another drone for that instead of taking away voids cost since it’s the strongest phy drone aside from duskmaker


Hi @SilverBox @Sarah247,

So seraph blade is back to its former self, heron mark and brightroar are still totally useless.
So we can assume that this buff/nerf session is a failure, everything is at a standstill.

What can we expect for a future nerf/buff campaign?
The hammer/axes one was granted if i read your posts well, are we going in that direction again? A range modification would bring a lot more to the game than just stats buffs/nerfs.
Reevaluation of useless premium items? Greedy, desert fury, bloodweep, heron mark, big daddy (and heat counter part), sorrow would need some buff too, and some others.
There is plenty of room for re balancing (or re unbalancing) the game reworking existing and useless items (wich are premium in the cases mentioned); not much need for new ones.

Hope you read me.