Swords have been buffed!



Those comments were posted on May 8th. So on the 1st day this topic was created, someone from Tacticsoft mentioned swords stats aren’t set in stone yet. No doubt, you missed those critical posts. That’s rough you max your Seraph expecting something better…


is this for real like no kidding because i will be pissed


oh my god f##k why my life is ruined i am dead now it used to be over 400 damage
01 AM


Mate, thos is still a very very nice blade…


It was this:


Use it if its nice


I do use it. I almost always did. My first l m item… emotionaly attached. Plus its a pretty nice sword buff or not…


It was ok before buff, even better after. But after nerfing, just one more item destroyed by admins.


Booooooi, next steps: EMP


Its just back to where it was is it not? (With 2 more drain points)


As I remember, maximum damage was 401, now 376.


Yes plize…


Oh… then this aint sweet.


Maybe it was 401 because of the arena buffs for you?

I don’t know.


I was lvl 8 back then, now 9 :slight_smile: So its even weaker lol


It has always been 376 the max dmg of it… the drain got buffed to -12.
So tehnicaly… it is a buff not a nerf over the old seraph.


I seem to remember that it was above 400 too, you are right. Probably got nerfed but some time ago already… when the buff happened this week it was at 376 thats for sure…


I’m with michelle, the buff was probably too much but a compromise is better than rolling the damage all the way back to pre-buff.

ah well, it is, as they say, what it is.


Thats the backbreaker which has over 400 damage.


I know that mate. Somewhere in history, seraph was above 400, and (hold it) mighty canon too…